Letter From The Editor; Cover Model Aaryn Elizabeth Gries and Bella Petite Magazine

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Dear Bella Petite readers,

I appreciate the concerns expressed from many of Bella Petite’s subscribers regarding recent comments from Bella Petite Magazine cover model and ‘Big Brother’ contestant, Aaryn Gries.

Each year Bella Petite takes great pride in celebrating the top twelve petite model cover girl entrants from around the world to the Bella Petite Model Search. We select winners based on their photo submissions and positive participation through the selection process to our contest and various other criteria, and we expect those who are selected as our top spokesmodels to represent the positive and enthusiastic spirit of Bella Petite’s brand.

Like many of you, I was surprised and disappointed to read about the recent insensitive comments from Ms. Gries on ‘Big Brother.’ I want to emphasize to all of our readers that her comments are absolutely inconsistent with the principles that Bella Petite is built on.

As a result, I have determined that Ms. Gries is no longer a positive representation of Bella Petite’s brand, and Bella Petite will not be featuring her in any promotions or awarding prizes related to the model search in accordance with the rules of our model search. We certainly appreciate Ms. Gries’s right to express herself, but simply do not feel that her involvement in any of our model search promotions going forward would be appropriate given our core principles and values at Bella Petite Magazine.

Bella Petite is the leading publication and community devoted to the interests of petite women 5’5” and under, and it has always been our mission to be a source of positivity and encouragement for petite women around the world of every ethnicity, religion, or culture.

It is Bella Petite’s continuing mission to be a place for petite women to celebrate and support one another, and I have no doubt that if we do so, we will all be stronger for it.


Ann Lauren Editor-in-Chief Bella Petite Magazine

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Ann Lauren® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©

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106 thoughts on “Letter From The Editor; Cover Model Aaryn Elizabeth Gries and Bella Petite Magazine”

  1. I watched BB last night and was totally disgusted with that ugly blonde Aaryn she looks like all the typical pageant nerds from Texas, she not even pretty and her head is stuck up her ugly flat ass and her face looks like it has been smashed up in a bad way no wonder she hates on everybody!

    Good choice dumping the dog face model she gonna have a career change the second she’s off BB LOL!

  2. So then I am assuming you will pick a plus sized woman. Anything else smacks of hypocrisy. And while you are throwing stones, also remember that airbrushing and Photoshopping your images for inclusion into your magazines also is a form of racism and hypocrisy. How? Because you are basically saying that removing flaws via editing is ugly. So please while you have a right to do this remember that it is a two edged sword. I will be watching.

    1. Awwww but they are doing the right thing, and how they choose to run the magazine is no concern of yours unless you own it. I say bravo for doing the right thing. Some of the language I have heard on Big Brother to other people of diversity do not deserve the right to take this from someone who keeps telling everyone she is more beautiful then anyone else. I will support this magazine. I say thank you.

      1. Oh, Miss La de Da. You hate the “average” woman? People who aren’t anorexic offend you? Gloria, go take a bath and get a sandwich. This magazine needs to make changes. The only reason they mentioned Aaryn was because they had to. The media forced them. The magazine needs to grow a spine and actually pick beautiful and healthy women.

  3. Good. This girl has gone too far. I don’t think anyone should have her as their spokesperson. It’s sad to think what this girl would have went on to say if production had not stepped in and told her to shush.

  4. While it seems right to fire Ms Gries for her comments made during live feeds, you actually violate her freedom of speech, and you can be sued. Now if you just came out and terminated her contract and not specified why, then that would have been better. The thing is that she never said anything about your agency. I don’t condone what is said, but I do believe in the Constitution.

    1. I’m sorry, but you don’t know what you’re talking about. “Freedom of Speech” means that the government can’t censor you. It doesn’t mean you can say whatever hateful things you want without repercussions.

      I’m not even a US citizen and I know your constitution a lot better than you do.

    2. Mike,

      The first amendment protects you from prosecution from the government. That’s all. If you believe in the Constitution, you should learn what it says, and how it works. It does not protect you from repercussions from the content of what you say, especially in cases of employment. Your place of employment has every right to fire you for any comment or action that you make in a public forum that isn’t good for the company. Whether it is hateful, or contrary to the company’s beliefs or just plain embarrassing. No company has an obligation to employ you. You earn it. You keep it by continuing to earn it, especially if you work in an industry where you represent a brand.

  5. Thank you for taking the appropriate actions where she is concerned. It shows the integrity of your magazine.

  6. Great move by your magazine as Aaryn is an immature, uneducated, racist and her behavior so far has been embarrassing and hurtful. The comments coming from this girl are so sad and boy is she in for a wake-up call when she gets out.

  7. Excellent move. Someone like Ms. Gries shouldn’t be representing anyone. She is a poster child for poor taste. Now if CBS will follow suit and eliminate everyone who has made racist/homophobic and bigoted statements the show might go back to being enjoyable to watch.

  8. I applaud your decision. I always thought modeling was ONLY about looks.
    It’s nice to know that some publications have integrity. Or did you publish this due to the enormous backlash of this creature’s ugly words? No matter, I’m glad you did.

    Jen (5’2)

    1. I would not say she has some special look. Very ordinary features, simple pretty TX girl. That is it.

  9. Good. Maybe when she gets out of the BB house and realizes that no one likes her because she is conceited, hateful and very ugly on the inside, she will change her ways. Good for the magazine for not wanting to be associated with her negative ways.

  10. yes i agree but to go as far as letting her go shame on you.. should /could of wrtien her up.. but my question is are you doing this because she’s white? and would of taken the same action if she was black.. i bet not. they can be the only one racest

  11. I think you’re pretty hypocritical to fire Aaryn. While her some of the things she’s said were awful and very immature it take a huge hypocrite to fire someone when I’m sure you and everyone else has used and said worse.

    There isn’t one person regardless of race, creed, color or religion that hasn’t used a racial slur or two in their lifetime. Anyone that says otherwise is a liar.

    I really hope you reconsider your rash and reactive firing of this young girl and at least let her explain herself and have a chance to apologize. That’s the right thing to do.

    1. First, let me say I AM NOT A LIAR and I have never used a racial slur. I don’t not tell racial jokes. I was raised better than that. So you might have been hypocritical had you fired her but maybe the Bella Branding is above that type of behavior and can do so justly.
      My mother taught us that “loose lips sink ships” and I think Aaryn’s ship has sank.

      Dawn Warren

    2. Um, no. I have never used a racial slur in all my 40 years. I’d swear on my kids’ lives that that is the truth. It’s really scary…and sad…that you believe everyone has done so. Wow.

    3. You are hanging with the wrong group of people or live in the wrong community if you think everyone has used racial slurs. I promise you they have not. Travel a little, broaden your mind, education yourself, try to become a better human being.

  12. I hope Aaryn Gries dies of cancer, she doesn’t deserve to live.she hurt too many people. She is a waste of life who didn’t deserve to be born. She is ugly skank whore.she is too ugly to be in your magazines. she has a dog face.I love all races equally i am liberal. i will be your model.Tell me how much better than aaryn i am. Aaryn is a lowlife waste of life skank bitch whore.I am better than her in every way. Even if the skank apologizes IT can’t take back what it said.

    1. Nice try…attempting to pretend you’re a “liberal” then saying all kinds of garbage no liberal would ever say. It’s clear you’re a teapublican…and your hideous post has not only backfired…it confirms why America now hates teapublicans.

  13. What is wrong with you and how you choose models? You are terrible bitch and lowlife to have models like this representing your magazine. I hate how you look and the models you have you are all shallow ugly bitches!!! Models are the worst human beings on the earth nothing but ugly on the inside!

  14. Gosh I feel so bad for Aaryn’s mom. This girl probably is very loved and adored by her parents. They probably were so excited for this experience. It must be painful to know what your daughter is going to come home to. It must be like watching a train wreck and you are powerless to stop it and it’s your child.

  15. Who do you think you are? Ann you are just has rotten as Aaryn you hypocrite! Your photos make you look like a bitch from hell!!

  16. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in business! Wow and brains to match that’s a powerful combination. Please don’t listen to these brainless hateful nitwitted comments. You are incredible in every way!

  17. You are amazingly beautiful, please don’t lower yourself and answer any of these ridiculous statements. You have proven to be more than a vapid no good model type just look at what you have accomplished in your life. Impressive and beautiful woman!!!

  18. Aaryn proves that racism is alive and flourishing in America. Obviously she was raised by racist bad people her mom and dad did a poor job in teaching positive family values. They should be ashamed! I would disown this trashy girl, but then again they are Texans need we say more here. This goes to show you that pageant girls and model types are phony dogs! Ironic that Aaryn couldn’t model for Purina now! LOL!! Time for a name change and career. No company or brand would touch this hateful woman. Agents has dumped her and so has Bella Petite!! After looking at Aaryn’s photos she is not even attractive very average in looks. She will need every dime CBS is paying her, I hear it is like 13K a week. Good going Bella Petite I will remain a happy reader!

  19. Wise decision beautiful lady! You shine like a diamond amidst the mud being thrown. You are by far the best looking petite model I have ever seen not one of your chosen cover models are as beautiful as you are and they seem to be the ugliest women internally with ZERO grace!

    You are truly a role model for women to follow and men to appreciate.

  20. Seriously how could you get rid of a cover model speaking her mind it is her right to do so! Hypocrites gone wild count yourself in as one of the them. You make me ashamed to be a petite woman.

  21. Jeez, Ann Lauren you are better looking than all of the petite models I have seen representing your magazine. You certainly are the image of the petite woman, which stands to reason why you started this magazine and now I see petite women have a real reason to be proud.

    You are a woman of phenomenal beauty and principle’s we can appreciate! Chin-up you are the woman we admire and want to read more about!

  22. You are sickening woman you are so full of yourself! You are not all that your pictures are ugly and so is your hypocritical attitude and stance on Aayrn. She deserves to say what she wants whether you like or not!

  23. I support you 100% nice going I am proud to be a Bella Petite supporter and it is so nice to see you have values that I admire in a person.

  24. This bitch continues to say hateful prejudice and vile comments to others on BB how can she be HOH! Only dummies support morons like Aryan and what a dog face she is, YUCK! I quit BB for good!

  25. Very much enjoy Bella Petite have been reader for long time and you should be rewarded for taking a positive stance against this ugly model Aryan I don’t ever care to see her as model or actress she is rotten to the core. Can’t believe she will make money from her ugliness. She is not even pretty and she has no figure and should never be in entertainment. I signed petition to boot her from BB! See Change.org

  26. You a very smart lady! I have been disgusted by Aaryn Gries she is a terrible person with a truly black heart she spews anger and hatred. This must stop and models who think they can say these things must know there are no companies wanting to use their image with a product. You have a brand and passion I support wholeheartedly. Good for you to take a stand against prejudice and hate!!!

  27. Ugly is as Ugly does and this wanna-be model Aaryn is ugly outside and inside! Good for you to take a stand against ugly trash mouth trailer trash bashing others. This dog Aaryn will have her day soon! I now hate the show BB! I just learned about you and very impressed this magazine has real values I like.

  28. Nobody should have the right to go on TV and say racist hate speech! Aaryn is a backwoods hick who has been taught this way by her texas parents so sad. I don’t get why she ever thought she could model she is not even pretty, all I see is ugly! Ugly face and terrible figure what an average looking woman with a trash mouth. Her next job will only be from Vivid entertainment LOL!

  29. Your god is right about Jason.It sound like Jason hate Aaryn so much.That Jason might murder Aaryn.I hope f.b.i. look into Jason.So Aaryn will be safe from Jason.

  30. Aaryn is an ugly dog what made her think she should be a model or actress she is so frightfully average looking woman. Just another stupid unattractive beauty pageant type with nothing to offer humanity. She aspires to be a racist hypocrite and gay basher. I hope this woman learns a lesson that her words and actions mean something and to us who have values and principles we don’t want her in our face. She has a ugly face and terrible plain body and less than average brains. Nice going you did the only thing you could here and that is distance yourself from trash and stand for who you are!

  31. Don’t you think you are the real hypocrite here? Unbelievable Miss Ann Lauren you are the real bitch! I can’t stand looking at your face and the petite models you choose are dogs just like you! No wonder you hooked your wagon to Aaryn. Then you give her the boot to make yourself look better that you are what a joke!

  32. Oh my this stupid wretched racist discriminating woman Aaryn Gries loses this cover! Yay! I am happy to see her words have consequences no prizes and no modeling from Bella Petite!! This magazine has integrity 🙂 I have come to luv this magazine for its diverse petite models and this unattractive Aaryn wannabe models was the worst looking model in the group, so Bella has lost nothing by giving her the boot. Looks like her modeling agency agrees!

  33. C’mon Ann why are you the only beautiful petite model in your group? And you have brains my heart can’t take it babe! Your curvy figure drives my crazy. What up with that Aaryn Gries how on earth did you select her after seeing her last night on BB she is UGLY! Her racist comments and stuck up attitude comes from the fact she was raised in Texas in a trailer park with dumb ass parents.

  34. What a score! You are BELLA Ann! Brilliant play pretty lady! Nice one dumping this bitch Aaryn. Next she needs a BB eviction!! NO ON RACIST AND BIGOTRY HATE HURTS AND THIS IS A HATE FILLED LADY!

  35. So what! I want to know what repercussions will be for this slut ugly dog! Really what does that mean what is she losing from you and CBS. She will prolly make tons of money for being a racist gay bashing bitch!

  36. What bothers me is how on earth Bella Petite picked Aaryn Gries to be one of your cover models? There should be a requirement that your models should be pretty outside as well as within. You now have proved that you have no real values and all you care about are looks you suck! You should do better with selecting models with actual moral standards.

  37. Since when do models have morals and family values? LOL what a joke most of them are useless rags with no intelligence or family values. Models and pageant contestants by definition have nothing to offer but looks and in Aaryn’s case she has nothing much less good looks! What is up picking such a dog Bella??? Her photos must have been photo shopped because she is no model.

  38. Aaryn deserves the wrath of a nation to come down on her. She should be an outcast for good! She can’t gloss over or take back what she said that is who she is as a person. Hollywood embraces pigs like this girl they will give her contracts and money for sure. I don’t believe Bella Petite will be any different when all is said and done!

  39. I agree you must do more than this simple response here. It is meaningless we need you to speak out about what Aaryn has said and how you really feel about her actions. Whether you like it or not she is forever affiliated with your magazine now. You owe your readers more about who you are what this magazine is all about!

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