Letter From The Editor; Cover Model Aaryn Elizabeth Gries and Bella Petite Magazine

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Dear Bella Petite readers,

I appreciate the concerns expressed from many of Bella Petite’s subscribers regarding recent comments from Bella Petite Magazine cover model and ‘Big Brother’ contestant, Aaryn Gries.

Each year Bella Petite takes great pride in celebrating the top twelve petite model cover girl entrants from around the world to the Bella Petite Model Search. We select winners based on their photo submissions and positive participation through the selection process to our contest and various other criteria, and we expect those who are selected as our top spokesmodels to represent the positive and enthusiastic spirit of Bella Petite’s brand.

Like many of you, I was surprised and disappointed to read about the recent insensitive comments from Ms. Gries on ‘Big Brother.’ I want to emphasize to all of our readers that her comments are absolutely inconsistent with the principles that Bella Petite is built on.

As a result, I have determined that Ms. Gries is no longer a positive representation of Bella Petite’s brand, and Bella Petite will not be featuring her in any promotions or awarding prizes related to the model search in accordance with the rules of our model search. We certainly appreciate Ms. Gries’s right to express herself, but simply do not feel that her involvement in any of our model search promotions going forward would be appropriate given our core principles and values at Bella Petite Magazine.

Bella Petite is the leading publication and community devoted to the interests of petite women 5’5” and under, and it has always been our mission to be a source of positivity and encouragement for petite women around the world of every ethnicity, religion, or culture.

It is Bella Petite’s continuing mission to be a place for petite women to celebrate and support one another, and I have no doubt that if we do so, we will all be stronger for it.


Ann Lauren Editor-in-Chief Bella Petite Magazine

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Ann Lauren® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©

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106 thoughts on “Letter From The Editor; Cover Model Aaryn Elizabeth Gries and Bella Petite Magazine”

  1. I must agree with so many here Ann Lauren you are more beautiful and intelligent than all of the petite models that you have representing your magazine, what a waste of your time! Please try finding models of your caliber in looks.

    This Aaryn Gries gal looks like a porn star to me, she is not attractive her body sucks! Her personality is not existent other than she is a total bitch from hell I would hate to meet up with. No man or woman would want to know this wretched woman! I vote her out of the BB house ASAP!

  2. You gotta say more than you have here. You selected this Aaryn to represent Bella Petite and that is a reflection on your magazine and you!!!! What do you and your magazine really stand for? who you are for real? This answer here is just not going to suffice for me if I am to stay reading you.

    1. Are you insane? How would she or anybody else at Bella Petite know that this is what Aaryn is like? It’s like unfairly blaming the casting directions of BB for casting her in the first place..how were they supposed to know?

  3. Answers, answers, answers for how you picked Aaryn Gries to represent your magazine!!! I don’t care for your canned response I want to hear more from you in how you really feel and what are the actual repercussions? what does that mean exactly???

    1. Did you actually read the statement? She already said her rewards for winning the contest have been revoked. I highly doubt they had contestants fill out a questionnaire gauging how much of a raging racist they are, so they’re just as surprised as we are. Give it a rest!

  4. Vanity is ugly this racist young lady was raised poorly. Parents have to be racist people that is how this woman talks that way so easily common place for her. This was good decision for you to make. I don’t think this Aaryn will be a model for anything but poor manners and hatred.

  5. I have to think your screening process should include in depth interviews and not rely on pictures only. Even playboy and Hugh Heffner does that and that is a much more successful organization than yours. Now we know why.

    1. Oh yeah you are soo smarttt. Playboy’s been around for over 50 years now and they have been objectifying women from the onset and Hugh Hefner screws the sluts too! I guess you mean that this new magazine should have a process of screwing the models and roll out a litmus test for racist bigots! LMAO!

  6. I am sickened by this Aaryn’s very face watching this bitchy, rude arrogant young woman is gross! Who told her she could model my goodness she is average face, no body no brains and spews hate sounds like the typical L.A. Woman perfect for entertainment!

  7. It is funny to see the hypocrites in the media like yourself. All this is bologna you have no values much less principles in the first place or else you would not be a model and run a fashion magazine.

  8. I hated tonight’s BB episode with Aaryn and her smug dog face YUCK! The idea she is being paid by CBS to be on a show where she says demeaning racist and bigoted statements is not entertaining and I will not be watching this show ever again! I quit and yes me and my friends have signed the change.org petition to kick Aaryn out of the house anybody like that has no business in show business. Don’t want to see Aaryns ugly face ever for any reason at all.

  9. The only job offer Aaryn will get once she is booted from BB will be from Vivid entertainment but she will need to invest money into getting a good body I think her face, body and brains need to be enhanced. This is one UGLY bitch!

  10. You really scraped the bottom of the barrel with this model what is your process for picking them? Why are you the only beautiful model for this magazine seemingly with brains. I can find better models walking down the street or local night club.

  11. Bella Petite stands for many good things this petite model is poison! I want to hear more from Ann Lauren and what you can do to make some this HATE MODEL pay afterall there must be something you thought was good about the petite model she was a spokesmodel for you guys! You should be talking more about this!!!!!

  12. Holy snikes! Aaryn like of the “Aayran brotherhood” is one of your models! WOW you know how to pickem’ She is so ugly why is she tryin to b a model not gonna for sure happen now! Total DOG face YUCK! Aayran should be new poster model for the brotherhood, dam sure!

  13. I bet you wish that you did not have a model search, LOL! Once again models prove to be the ugliest people for reals! Poor Bella Petite not bella after this…

  14. I remember Aaryn when she was an ‘Ice Girl’ for a minor pro hockey team in central Texas. That was two years ago. She was always very sweet and friendly. Like you would expect from a cheerleader. I don’t mean that in a negative way, it’s just what they do. When my wife and I heard she would be on Big Brother, she said ‘Watch, she’ll be some horrible Texan racist’ but we were kidding. Anyway my point is that Bella Petite is doing the right thing now by disassociating with her, but they didn’t do the wrong thing initially by associating with her. All the vile disgust she brings to Big Brother was professionally concealed.

  15. I applaud your pro-active approach and holding members of your organization accountable for their behavior and actions! I did not previously know about your publication, but will certainly begin reading more and encouraging others to do the same!

  16. Aaryn used your magazine and business as a platform to get onto Big Brother without Bella Petite she would not have made it on as a contestant. She continues to use you as her platform. Shame on you. I call for a boycott of this site and ask all its advertisers to pull out. The fact that you have any affiliation with this vile self-righteous racists is disgusting. Shame on you!

  17. Your magazine should be renamed bella racist petites with all your racist people there and rotten models!! what good reason could you pick aaryn she is a UGLY dog and you need help too! That picture makes you look like bitch and you support models with no soul and brains mean women you are! too littly too late with your phony letter.

  18. I think you should be ashamed to be you how do you sleep with yourself what kind of person are you to have picked this Aaryn to model for you! You must have no criteria for models she is a dog!!! The way she talks makes me sick to my stomach and I hate blonde women they always come out like this bitch!

    1. Props to you for making this smart choice to dump this model on her butt!! I feel sorry for you to have this Aaryn in your magazine it is unbelievable she is racist and rotten through and through heartless lady who must her parents be I shudder to think! What they teach her in Texas other than to hate anybody who is not white she is ready for the aaryan brother hood that will be her next job as a model.

  19. Ann Lauren you are the most beautiful petite model on this website! Damn girl why you wasting time dealing with skanks like this Aaryn dog! Smart call to kick her out of your magazine now that is what needs to happen on BB if people care about this racist trash scummy Texas cheerleader whose life is screwed.

  20. Bella Petite must be so proud of discovering Aaryn for America! Thanks so much for introducing such a vile and hateful person to us, Ann Lauren! Let’s all boycott this business (Bella Petite Publishing LLC) https://www.facebook.com/BellaPetite.Ann
    yeah, they dropped her but they still keep her photos on their website. BOYCOTT! will post Ann Lauren’s personal contact information shortly so you can give her a piece of your mind. BOYCOTT BELLA PETITE superficial folks such as ANN LAUREN.

  21. I thought you were suppose to be a good thing for petite women and models don’t you think you can do better when choosing your models? Sure you have dumped the wicked racist bitch from hell cause you got too! Very sad this Aaryn bitch is profiting from her actions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. NICE! You are the best I love this magazine I found you cause BB said you fired this twit ugly bitch dog face scum dog devil spawn!!!! Wished there be more media peeps following you sweet face 🙂

  23. Breath of fresh air yall got it going on here you stepped in shit came out smelling like a pretty lil rose bud!! Somebody has some scruples gurl ya done right by firing this sleaze racist pig face you deserve some props from the world for your service and grace 🙂

  24. thanks so much for introducing this racist pig to us Bella Petite. is it any surprise that she is as shallow as your business?

  25. You are a beautiful and brilliant woman! Your beauty knocks me out and your brains make you the all around perfect woman. You made a good choice here getting rid of this unattractive wannabe model. This Aaryn needs psychological help. Then give up on the idea of ever being a model or in entertainment she is done!
    Please Don’t pay any attention to the idiots ripping on you here most of them are jealous women who don’t compare and they know it!!

  26. You are the best I luv what you wrote and you have done the right thing! YAY! Bella Petite is all good!

  27. I am seeing a lot of insane rants on here with demands and accusations towards Bella Petite and its editor. What is wrong with some of you?

    It’s really not that hard of a concept to grasp people! Aaryn never had a job with this magazine. She only entered a contest. Models don’t have steady jobs. It doesn’t work like that. The only repercussion they can give Aaryn is to disqualify her from this contest. I highly doubt the application for the contest had a question about racism either, so how were they supposed to know???

    Secondly, how many of you keyboard critics get asked if you like black people during your job interviews? ….. None of you? ….. Didn’t think so…. so then why in the heck would you expect this magazine to screen all of their models for personal prejudices? Bella Petite is a business just like any other, and so your expectation for their hiring practices shouldn’t be any higher than that of your own day jobs!!!

    All of you demanding more answers or making baseless accusations probably have never even read this magazine and only stumbled across the site after reading an article about the letter. So stop making stupid empty threats about losing readers cause you are so full of it!

  28. The best and only decision you could have made! Ms. Lauren you are a beautiful lady and filled with honest integrity and it is refreshing to see in the media. I hope that others follow suit and reward this young lady Aaryn Gries with a closed door! She is not welcome in entertainment and not attractive person she definitely is not a model for anything good. Not a pretty face at all!!

  29. Bella, Bella, Bella! You are magnificent person and somebody I want to follow in the media. Tired of the old feeding frenzy and fueling the flames of a bad person who is clearly mean terrible ugly girl who should not be in our faces ever once she is off BB! Never want to see this Aaryn Gries EVER again what an ugly, ugly face she has!!! She possess NO INNER Beauty and her outer beauty is nothing to talk about in a good way.

  30. Aaryn Gries her name is an anagram for “Aryan”—is a blond-haired, blue-eyed, Texas-born carapace of pure vileness totally the poster child of the KKK and an ugly face too boot!!

  31. Maybe because I’m around 50 – but how on earth would this magazine know that Aaryn is racist (except for the questionable way that her parents spelled Aaryn?). We don’t know Giselle’s opinions – basically, except for spokesmodels with tv shows, we don’t know what ANY cover models are thinking.
    Hopefully, this will be a wake-up call for Aaryn and she will actually use her head for more than something to hold makeup and hair products….She’s only 22; she can change her beliefs.

  32. I’ve used Covergirl makeup all my life and I really stand behind it, but I’m very offended by the ad Bella Petite posted of Ellen kissing Portia! This is very bad advertising in my opinion. Ellen is not the one who should be pictured here. There are many beautiful women and Ellen is NOT one of them. If you do intend to continue to use Ellen, please keep her kiss to her wife out of the ad. Otherwise, I refuse to use your products (covergirl) or read bellapetite anymore.

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