Expert Beauty Trends Do’s and Dont’s You Be The Judge

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Bella Petite Magazine Editor Ann Lauren’s Beauty Trends “Do’s and Dont’s”

1. Black lipstick: Surely, black lipstick is difficult to pull off, so we want you to stash your black bullet for berry-colored lip color, like Kendall Kardashian’s, which complements all skin tones.

2. Beyond bronzed skin: If your skin tone rivals that of an Oompa Loompa, reel in the spray tans or real tans caused by the sun or from a tanning bed.

Here’s why: The former makes you look like you’ve been stuck on a tropical island for years without SPF and leathers your skin, plus the latter causes cancer!

3. OD’ing on eye shadow: Here’s a great way to look super gorgeous while incorporating color into the mix, is to use small pops of color, rather than overdoing the eye shadow. Happy to see this eye shadow look! And this look in!

On the right, this model at Dior’s Spring show for example Dior created satin fabric stickers that were placed along the models’ upper lash lines for a touch of color. Bonus: Most of this product will be on sale for Spring!

4. Fan-like Amping up your lashes without looking fake!  To make sure your lashes look natural instead of like a fan, apply several coats of mascara, wait a minute in between applications to allow the formula to properly adhere to the coat before it.

Another good way to achieve this look is to use individual falsies, or cut a strip in half and apply it to the outer corner of your eye only.

5. Sharp boxy Elvira brows: You know what we’re talking about: They’re overly filled in and squared off at the beginning as if they were drawn on with a stencil.

ann lauren

Your brows should look feathery and lightly colored in, so they leave you looking youthful and fresh-faced, rather than harsh and fake.

Written by: Ann Lauren

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