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Now playing international jewelry designer and master gemologist, Jeffrey Appling. This show is all about buried treasure and the masterful art of turning rough stones into legendary, award-winning jewels fit for royalty.

The evolution of jewelry is all about the master encapsulating your dreams while expanding the boundaries of the minds expectation. This will be a glorious journey into a new dimension of jewelry design.

Jeffrey Appling, owner of JEA Designs, is all about the petite woman and how she wears her rocks! He tells Bella Petite that he “truly understands the petite woman’s frame.” According to Jeff, petite women aren’t limited to tiny rocks, as the traditional jewelers would have us believe. Petites too can wear jewelry that is smartly-crafted, big, beautiful, bedazzled, inlayed, trilliant, brilliant and bursting with distinctive flare jewels!

Expect to see JEA Designs throughout Bella Petite Magazine’s editorials. Sundai Love, a petite model featured in our recent Palm Springs editorial shoot, shrieked with excitement when she was adorned with an Egyptian sunburst styled white and yellow gold “lioness main” necklace. You can find Sundai rocking the necklace (looking a bit like Nefertiti) in Bella Petite Magazine’s release.

Jeffrey Appling is not your typical cookie cutter jeweler. He has committed himself to designing art that stands notably outside of the traditional. Jeff explains that his goal “is to create pure enthusiasm and spark thoughtful compliments for the wearer.” He wants you to receive at the least five to ten compliments a day while wearing his pieces. “This should be the norm,” he asserts.

Make no mistake, Jeffrey’s vision and creativity is unmatched here in America. He was born and raised in California, which is highly unusual for a world class jewelry designer.  There are very few masters anywhere in the states and he is one of them!

His “Hands on Water” ring took first place in the Saul Bell Design Awards.  A first of its kind depicting the ingenious art of hands.  “That was the beginning,” as he tells it, “the art of my transformation in using anatomically correct human hands in the designs.” These designs are all the rage now with distribution worldwide.

Jeffrey’s “Pearl Protrusion” ring took first place in the Jewelry Arts Awards and was the design that led to his popular line of “surfer rings,” rings that are designed to be unique, beautiful and most importantly, comfortable.

Jeffrey’s rings are luxury inspired, with a true finger fit, and an unparalleled combination of exceptional comfort and design, earning their characterization as “Rings that Rock!”

JEA Designs’ showroom in Palm Springs showcases museum quality jewelry ranging from $10k to one million dollars in value, and his clientele includes many celebrities. JEA’s new vision is to create magnificent jewelry that is “a lifestyle: powerful, affordable, and luxury inspired. No one has ever done this with jewelry… I am breaking the chain, so-to-speak, and making jewelry for the future, and blazing a new trail in expressionism.”

The good news for all consumers, is that Jeff’s latest vision is about high-end quality and originality at an affordable price!  

Bella Petite Hour

Listen to American jewelry master, Jeffrey Appling of JEA Designs.  We know women love jewelry and you’ll want to hear from the master on what’s to come in the world of jewelry design. He will breakdown the old myths about gem size and women’s height, so you’ll know what jewelry you can wear on your frame! Plus, we’ll take a fascinating look at the art of jewelry and what makes this jeweler a cut above the rest!  Jeff’s a true testament to “American Ingenuity.”


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