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ann lauren
ann lauren
Ann Lauren
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It’s all about color for Spring and Summer! The perfect season to get a little adventurous with your look. Explore how bright hues can add the perfect punch to any outfit or makeup look.

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The first trend we see right off the runways is hyper-color hair. Bright streaks, pastels, neon ombre, and mermaid hair hues are amazing and surprisingly approachable ways to amp up your summer style without investing in dyeing and bleaching your hair.

Anastasia Beverly Hills HYPERCOLOR™ Brow & Hair Powder wipes you on, wash out color in seconds that won’t damage or dry out your hair. All you do is swipe it through your hair and set it with hairspray for perfect colored effects that last until you wash them out.

The second trend we are seeing is colorful lashes and brows. Pinks, blues, and violets are the go-to shades for these wonderfully bold looks with minimal effort. Anastasia’s HYPERCOLOR™ line has extended with HYPERCOLOR™ Brow & Lash Tint.

It comes in 3 high-impact shades, In the Pink, Electric Blue, and Ultra-Violet, for bold brows and bright lashes that add some unexpected interest and definition to your makeup bag.

Adding a little of In the Pink or Electric Blue to just the lashes’ tips creates an amazing ombre lash effect you won’t believe.


The final trend that is going to be everywhere this summer is waterproof makeup. Hot, humid climates wreak havoc on the brow and eye makeup. Smudges, smears, and wear-off happen literally in the blink of an eye. Anastasia Beverly Hills has developed a waterproof brow kit to get you through the day and night – meet the Brow Genius Kit for Waterproof Brows.

Brow Genius contains a clever gel called Beauty Genius Clear Waterproofing Gel that can be mixed with the included Brow Wiz Loose Powder (or any loose powder or pigment) to create custom brow pomades and waterproof cream shadows that last all day and can only be removed with waterproof eye makeup remover.

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We love this little kit so much; it is our go-to brow definer onset and for celebrities on the red carpet.  It just won’t budge and looks so natural my clients forget they are wearing it!

I will be presenting Bella Petite Magazine cover models with special gifts for you to enjoy, congratulations!

Ann Lauren
Ann Lauren ® Bella Petite®Magazine all rights reserved ©

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