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ann lauren

Sundai Love (5’3″): I am a proud Bella Petite Magazine Covergirl! I discovered Bella Petite Magazine while on ANTM’s “shorty” edition.

All of us petite models on ANTM followed Ann Lauren’s weekly articles about the show it was as if she was there with us.

I entered the Bella Petite model search the same year I was on ANTM because I knew it would propel my modeling career forward to be a cover girl and to be featured in high fashion spreads, unlike ANTM.

Unfortunately, ANTM was a disappointing experience I shared on Ann Lauren’s Bella Petite Hour show. Shockingly the ANTM producers put us in a toddler-style playhouse and that embarrassed all of us petite models, and the crew stopped filming because we were all upset about it and we had to do several retakes.

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Next, during the first ANTM photoshoot , I wore diapers posing with toy wagons. Clearly, ANTM made a joke out of petite models and we endured slam after slam over our height, a truly demoralizing experience. Then the agency pulled out, the sponsors pulled our campaigns, and ANTM changed our international shoot to Hawaii all because we are petite models. ANTM fell short of changing the industry for petite models.

I’m grateful Ann Lauren chose me to be the first Bella Petite Magazine cover girl which is my first cover too! I am impressed with the quality of Bella Petite Magazine covers and editorials. The on-location shoots are top-notch productions.

My multiple Bella Petite covers and fashion editorial tearsheets with Ann Lauren’s guidance provided what I needed to get signed by great agencies to work in the USA and internationally.

Finally, petite fashion and model opportunities have arrived for us, all thanks to the dedication of Bella Petite’s editor-in-chief Ann Lauren the woman who made it happen!

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Courtney Davies (5’4″): Sundai and I are the two shortest models on the ANTM cycle 13 “shorty” edition, so I wasn’t surprised to be eliminated early on the show. The best thing that happened for me on ANTM was discovering Bella Petite Magazine it gave me hope to move forward with my modeling career.

ann lauren dolls clothing fashion model search

I entered the Bella Petite Model search and became a cover girl! I’ve worked with Ann Lauren on location and appeared on the red carpet with her. I respect who she is and what she’s accomplished for petite models and fashion. Without her tenacious efforts and, vision there would not be any opportunities for petite models.

Rarely do you meet authentic people in Los Angeles, Ann Lauren is the exception. She is an inspiring role model.

I’m looking forward to the future of petite fashion and models with Ann Lauren’s clothing and fashion magazine. The possibilities are limitless! Bella Petite Magazine is the modern fashion standard.

Join Bella Petite today and be part of the petite fashion and model movement. Bella Petite Magazine is Fashion, Entertainment, and Lifestyle for Women. Petite is fit, curvy, and plus-sized.

Enter the Bella Petite Model SearchWin a professional photoshoot in California and an editorial fashion spread. You will get tearsheets for your portfolio and modeling promotions! Enter the ONLY model search in the world for petite women 5’7″ tall and under!

Join Bella Petite today and be part of the petite-fashion and petite-model movement. Bella Petite Magazine is Fashion, Entertainment, and Lifestyle for Women. “Petite is fit, curvy, and plus-sized. BELLA PETITE MAGAZINE  Enter the ONLY model search in the world for petite women 5’7″ tall and under!

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