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ann lauren

Bella Petite Model and petite celebrity actress Nia Peeples ABC star of “Pretty Little Liars” says, “Ann Lauren’s authenticity is heartfelt and inspiring that’s why I am a contributing health and wellness expert for Bella Petite and co-host of the Ann Lauren Livecast shows.

Fashion’s Future is Ann Lauren. “


Bella petite model ANTM Sundai Love says, “It’s time for petite women to stop complaining and take action to change the industry standards by joining Bella Petite. This is our platform for advocating our look in fashion and modeling industry. That’s why I entered the Bella Petite model search.

I will never forget the day Ann Lauren called me and asked, ” Is this the REAL Sundai Love?! We burst into laughter and became BFF’s!

I am thrilled to be a Bella Petite Cover girl!  I understand the importance of the petite fashion movement, without it, we won’t see the industry height standards come down.

Petite women must come together and support this opportunity at Bella Petite by participating. 

I don’t even buy the current fashion magazines any longer, because I don’t identify with the models in them.

While on location for ANTM all of us petite models discovered Bella Petite. We enjoyed reading Ann Lauren’s commentary about the show and marveled at how her observations are spot on about ANTM, modeling, and fashion. All of us petite models on ANTM’s shorty cycle entered the Bella Petite cover girl search.

Ann Lauren is an inspirational role model for petite women. Many thanks to her for creating Bella Petite Magazine and creating opportunities for petite models. Ann Lauren made over the fashion, beauty, and model status quo for petite women!”

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Ann Lauren® and Colleen Shannon Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©


Colleen Shannon says, “Ann Lauren leads with her heart. It takes courage to take on the fashion establishment. Ann Lauren empowered and elevated petite women. It’s an honor to be a Bella Petite Cover girl. I’m thankful I’m proud to be petite!”

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Bella Petite model Paulette says, “Petite models are a reality because of Ann Lauren’s genius. She launched my career!

Lauren’s courageous diversity and creative vision modernized the fashion and beauty status quo for generations to come.

Thank you, Miss Ann Lauren, for empowering my confidence and making our dreams come true.”

Enter the Bella Petite Model Search

Bella Petite Model Members may WIN photoshoots in California, magazine covers, model profiles, fashion spreads, Ann Lauren Clothing Catalog model, editorials, and tear sheets for your portfolio, model promotions, and sponsored cash and prizes!

There are many opportunities to enhance your modeling career as a Bella Petite Model Member. Unlimited photo submissions all year anytime!

Get a free Bella Petite Model tee-shirt and model evaluation with your petite model membership! Enter your petite model submissions today.

Petite Models be a registered member with the  ONLY FASHION MAGAZINE MODEL SEARCH in the world for petite women 5’7″ and shorter!

Bella Petite Magazine Influencer / Brand Ambassador / Editor-in-Chief Ann Lauren ® IMDb Bio / Credits

ann lauren
Ann Lauren ® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©

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