SUP ‘Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga’ Fitness Craze

By now you may have heard about SUP Yoga. It’s an emerging fitness trend and water sport becoming increasingly popular in coastal areas and places with access to large bodies of water such as lakes or reservoirs. It combines the elements of yoga and stand-up paddleboarding, to challenge your core, balance, and flexibility.

The beauty of this awesome adventure is you get to be out on the water while you practice, connecting with nature and with fresh air all around. Free to subscribe to Bella Petite!

I’ve always been a water lover. I grew up swimming in the rivers, oceans, and lakes. Fearless I’d play for hours in the crashing waves getting pummeled over and over was the greatest joy! In adulthood, as I embarked upon my career as a yoga teacher, I have found myself in a myriad of situations, always inspired to include my passion for yoga.

That’s what lead to the birth of SUP Yoga back in 2009 and the emergence of this awesome new trend. I went out paddleboarding with my friend Jesse, the owner of a water sports store in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Naturally, I brought my waterproof flip video camera with me, so I could capture our adventure. That to the first SUP Yoga video on youtube back in 2009 and the birth of the next biggest trend in water sports.

Synchronicity leads me to live in Malibu, Califonia where I took to the ocean naturally as well. I met the author of the Art of Stand Up Paddle on the beach one day and he included me in that historical epic book. I was interviewed by the London Times News and sponsored by Jimmy Lewis boards recently, as I am just now getting back from a 2-year world teaching and book promotion tour and getting settled here in South Florida again.

I plan to continue teaching these classes in South Florida both locally at the Standard Spa, in partnership with Jimmy Lewis, as well as other locations around the world eventually.

Luckily, the weather here in Florida is so warm and sunny year-round, we have the opportunity to go out on the water all year long. The winter is the busiest time here, so you will see many more photos and events coming up.

Meanwhile, check out a few from our adventure I lead my yoga teacher training and retreat group on a SUP Yoga excursion, which took place off the back dock of the yoga mansion I rented for that month’s program in Miami Beach. Stay tuned for the video to come soon as well, since we filmed both with my GoPro waterproof fish eye camera and my other canon HD Vixia video cam.

If you get the chance, come on down and practice with me in Florida! Or if you can find some Yoga classes or events in your local area, definitely give it a try!

Some of my students who were deathly afraid to go out on the water, due to fears of sharks, falling in, the unknown, etc – they all loved it and didn’t want to stop once we got started. You may just fall in love. Namaste, Dashama

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