Petite Celebrity Profile: International Celebrity Preity Uupala

It is always a pleasure when you meet an engaging and beautiful person on the inside and out. Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing such a person on the Bella Petite Hour. She’s 5’4″ Preity Uupala, an international petite celebrity and the reigning Miss International India.

From the moment of our initial discussion, I felt an authenticity about Preity, which is a rare treat in the entertainment and modeling world. It was refreshing to meet a women that is completely well-rounded intellectually, spiritually and talented in the arts.

She is a fantastic role model that young women can admire for all the right reasons. She’s not the typical LA Kardashian girl (who, frankly, sets the wrong message for women).

Preity Uupala is the new face of diversity in Hollywood. She is an Entrepreneur, Humanitarian and Artist based in Los Angeles. A former NIDA (National Institue of Dramatic Arts) graduate, her explosive and magnetic performances has led her to be the recipient of a scholarship for Acting in America.

She’s had crowing moments in several beauty pageants holding titles from The Miss Earth Australia 2009,  Miss India Portugal 2010 and Miss International India 2012  and she is turning heads in Hollywood!  Preity shares that she views competing in pageants and model searches as a way to open up new opportunities. She doesn’t however feel these titles represent her greatest achievements, adding that beauty is only skin deep.

Préity encapsulates a sexy, intelligence, class and soul that bring her to entirely new level of talent.  With a million dollar smile and a voice like an angel, she lights up the screen. Yet, unlike other pretty faces, this award winning actor has incredible depth and passion that make her stand out in a crowd. She explains how directors, producers and professionals appreciate her ability to grasp world issues and exemplifies a strong work ethic. Consider this Preity has background in the corporate world too!

Recently, while in China she had the honor of sharing the stage with the great Jackie Chan at the Asia Pacific Film Festival where the star was the big winner of the night!

Written by: Ann Lauren Editor-in-Chief Bella Petite Magazine

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