America’s Next Top Model NO PETITE MODELS HERE…

Laura Nicole AntmBy Ann Lauren: America’s Next Top Model no longer has any petite models on the show!   Much to my chagrin the last remaining true petite model 5’5″ Jennifer didn’t make it into the top two (as I had predicted). It is interesting how this has transpired considering Jennifer has never been in the bottom two and was in a dead heat for challenge wins with Nicole.  At this juncture in the show the top two talents appeared to be Jennifer and Nicole.  Unfortunately, as sweet and Rachel Hunter-esque as Laura may be she is not commercial at all, which she will need to be at 5’6″ to earn a living as a model.  Maybe Laura will be sent to a voice coach and put through commercial training and then she’ll be complete.Antm Hula 1


The show started out quite entertaining with the Hula dancing segment, although it may not have been relevant or useful for those pursuing a career in modeling.  In this week’s shoot, Jay was not supportive to Jennifer at all which was a departure from his typical praise of Jennifer’s talents.  He immediately signaled to the models a reminder that they are still just not tall enough.  From that moment it became clear that Jennifer was not going to Antm Hulabe in the in the final two.  Nicole looked outstanding as usual.  She’s has a fashion forward look and at 5’7″ was my dark horse competitor.  Erin was very disappointing in her photo shoot performance this week, while Laura rocked it like Rachel Hunter’s twin sister!  Don’t get me wrong, I think Laura’s a doll, but she does not seem to have the qualifications or potential that Jennifer offers.

Jennifer Antm Final


I have presented extensive commentary on this site about the inevitable demise of the truly petite contestants.  In the article “America’s Next Top Model Misleads Petites” we discussed the inconvenient truth that Wilhelmina Models does not represent petite models!  ANTM’s double elimination episode with Wilhelmina Models President Sean Patterson was pretty clear about the lack of interest in petite models and in that episode he eliminated 5’4″ Rachel “big eyes” for lack of height personality.  ANTM was undoubtedly heading in a bad direction and clearly “Wrong For Petite Models”. I am surprised that 5’3″ Sundai was not eliminated on the Wilhelmina episode as well, but I guess she was still one of  Tyra’s pet petites at the time.

Antm escalated next to the “Make Me Tall” episode, which was rife with ridicule and negative commentary on the downside of being short.  Miss J and a some ten year old critiqued the petite models on their runway presentations.  The show was a spectacle and an insult to petite women, culminated in a runway event with amazon models walking next to petite models.

ANTM AND WILHELMINA MODEL AGENCY DECEPTION There is a clear deception being perpetrated by America’s Next Top Model and Wilhelmina Model Agency on hopeful petite models.  In an off the record discussion with a Wilhelmina Model agent Bella Petite learned the hard facts.  Essentially, it was confirmed that there is not a specific agent representing the winner of ANTM since they don’t have a petite model division and have no future plans for such a division.  The contract awarded by WMA to the ANTM winner will be non-exclusive. It’s a sham deal for the winner.  In fact, never in WMA history have they booked a job for a model under 5′8″, unless she was 14 and even then she was 5′7″.  In addition, this WMA agent was not hopeful for any real marketability of a petite model in the fashion, editorial, commercial or parts modeling print industry.


Absolute poppycock!   I am most disappointed in myself for buying into the idea that ANTM was going to be a positive vehicle for the promotion of petite models and fashion.  Afterall, I have done the research, gathered the facts and written about them all season.  From the onset I predicted the winner would likely be 5’7″.  Tyra Banks should get an award for perpetrating a great fraud on petite female viewers worldwide whom tuned in expecting to see actual petite models represented.  Boy did they ever capitalize on our viewer-ship.  Now there are no petite models, so what’s the angle?!  There are no “shorties” left for Tyra to make fun of!


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I know many of you petite ladies will join me in missing the ANTM season finale.  Why bother, when there are no PETITES left to watch!  Let’s teach Tyra a lesson about how passionate the real petite audience can be.  I’d like to say we will be covering the winner of America’s Next Top Model “shorty” season, but with no petite models, what to do…  We only feature petites, no amazons allowed!

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23 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model NO PETITE MODELS HERE…”

    1. You are absolutely correct. Petite models are considered to be 5'5" and under, anything over that height is considered tall. The average size woman is 5'3". ANTM should have only featured petite models in this height range to be a true petite model show. The problem is Wilhelmina Models doesn't represent women under 5'7" period, so the show wasn't meant to be a petite model show in reality. ANTM was simply looking for a hook to gain ratings!

  1. I think you are overeacting, I mean, the two finalist takes beautiful pictures.

    Nicole without a doubt is the best of the bunch since the beggining.

    I am 1.60m tall and I think the Tyra's idea was really great, the girls too but you can't blame the "tallest" finalist, they're both great.

    BTW the fact that somebody came with the idea of the petite models on TV is already a good thing.

    Don't be so hard.


    1. It seems you haven't read the ANTM series of articles I've written. My information is based on facts and I report them to you. I am an experienced petite model, producer and writer represented by big named agencies. For your information, Tyra Banks America's Next Top Models, isn't the first television show featuring petite models, I did it first. In fact I met with the producers prior to the show and educated them on the market and because we couldn't agree on the content I pulled out of being on ANTM…Tyra and ANTM missed the mark in respect to representing petite models in so many aspects. Too bad the show doesn't have petite models on it any longer! Thank you for sharing your commentary. We appreciate all of your feedback!

      1. I read the article and I still thinking in the same way about the show and the initiative (even if someone has done before)

        Yes it's a shame that "there is not a specific agent representing the winner of ANTM since they don’t have a petite model division and have no future plans for such a division"

        I think this is not solved simply by not seeing the final episode of the show, is an issue far more complicated and deeper than concerns the whole fashion industry.

        Sorry, I didn't know abour your experience in this environment.

        My comments are from the point of view of a petite woman and spectator of ANTM.

        1. I agree with you that having a show on television representing petites is a good idea. In fact, I was thrilled when it came to my attention by the ANTM producers. After our meetings we did not agree when it came to the definition of petite models and the manner in how the petites should be presented. As a result, I withdrew and decided not to do a campaign roll out in conjunction with the show. I could not accept women over 5'5" on the cover or within our pages in the Magazine or the website. Additionally, I find the down grades and insults towards the petite models to be unacceptable from Tyra Banks, her idea of demeaning petite women is out of line. We don't look like children as her show has intimated. The final outcome of ANTM doesn't matter to, there aren't any petites on the show. After all that's what we are about.

          1. For inquiring minds I am a true petite at 5'2" and a working petite model! I truly understand the petite market and intend to fulfill the demands of petite consumers. Petite women you must join in and participate in order to force a paradigm shift in the industry. Together we can do it show them our strength in numbers JOIN! We're developing this fabulous community and preparing the premiere issue of Bella Petite Magazine heading your way early next year. Expect to see petite fashion, models, celebrities and petite model searches…

  2. thank you for posting this, finally!! im not petitie myself, but that doesnt mean i dont know what petite refers to; calling nicole petite is not even close to accurate, and she is just tall enough to be a legit fashion model without the need for a ridiculous reality show. then, on top of all of that, marissa miller is referred to as "petite"- at 5'8". thats not even petite in the MODELING world- i work with models who are my height (5'11), but its usually girls between 5'8" and 5'9". she towered over the girls when she stood next to them, so i hope that puts to rest the idea that shes really "5'4-5'6" (why do people want her to be short so badly?!), and doesnt appear petite next to ANY amazon women.

    1. I think it's great you are 5'11 and appreciate our content. You obviously have a clear understanding of what is "petite". You concur with and why and how ANTM along with Wilhelmina models has misinformed, utilized deceptive practices and misrepresented the petite market. Thank you for your commentary and viewpoint as a tall model, keep it coming. I hope you tell your petite friends about!

  3. See now, this assumes ANTM is anything but entertainment. It stopped being a serious modeling competition when Elyse was eliminated in Cycle 1.

  4. While she was not petite, Nicole truly was the best model of them all, from the get go. No one could take a picture like her. And because of her height, she will not be able to do runway. So she isn't petite like I am, at 5' 1/2", but she is on the short side of the regular model spectrum. I am happy for her, and I think she is the best, most deserving winner so far.

  5. First of all, Erin's performance in the photoshoot was anything than "disappointing." She took the best photo of the week, and also, in my opinion had the most potential of the remaining four girls. Also, Laura is extremely commercial– commercial modeling is really her only market. Nicole is petite at 5'7, since models are generally expected to be 5'9 or taller. Just like how a size 12 may not be considered "plus-size" in real life, it is considered plus-size in the modeling world when other models are expected to be a size 2 or 4. Jennifer offered no real potential– she was absolutely gorgeous in motion, but never really mastered how to take a great picture. Her last picture was indisputedly the worst of the week, and why on Earth should a girl who took the worst picture be allowed to advance to the final two?

    1. I agree, David. Though I wouldn't say that Erin's photo was better than Nicole's, it was certainly miles above Jennifer's. Jennifer underperformed every single week. I never agreed with one first call out. She not only was getting too old to be starting, but she often looked too old. Not to mention the wonky eye, which was so distracting in every single picture. Jennifer was just not good, and I have no idea how she got as far as she did. I don't know how she outlasted Rae or Brittany, who ran circles around the girl. And I thought her personality sucked. She was so fake. And the way she was always forcing herself to laugh at her own jokes… If you are the only one laughing, the jokes just aren't funny. She lacked charm, and she didn't belong on the show.

      And again, Nicole deserved the win. She was phenomenal. No one could compare to her. Heck, very few from all of the other seasons can compare. She made up for that slew of godawful winners that we have had lately. And in that final picture with Tyra? Wow. Ty should have stepped aside because Nicole outshined her there.

    2. As an Editor-in-Chief of a FASHION Magazine for PETITE women, I can guarantee we will never define a petite woman to be over 5'5". We don't care about the "current modeling industry standards" they are meaningless to our agenda. Bella Petite promises to the hundred million petite women of the world we will not "lower our standards to the current industry rules." We are here to set new trends and establish new industry standards!

  6. What is even more insulting is that they overseas destination was canceled and the girls were sent to Hawaii. I think that for artistic reasons the girls could have rocked a European photo shoot although they might not have had the opportunity to adventure out on Go Sees. In Cycle 10, they did the Go Sees in NYC and not in Italy but they still had the opportunity to go to Europe. The Cycle 13 girls did the Go Sees in LA and were basically sent to Jewlery designers, what a crock of crap that was!

    1. Hello Cynthia: You are absolutely correct! We can all agree that ANTM purposely cut their activities short and didn't properly represent petite models. The show was a disservice in the positive promotion of petite models. Thank you for reading and participating on Make sure you joined as a member to get your free subscription to Bella Petite Magazine at

      P.S. Miss Sundai Love rocked the Bella Petite Palm Springs editorial shoot and you will only see that campaign in the magazine!

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