America’s Next Top Model “Petite Ninja Warriors”


By Ann Lauren: It’s mid-season and America’s Next Top Model is becoming tedious for me to write about.   In fairness though, all of ANTM’s shows tend to bore me at this point.  I cannot recall any truly interesting guest features or memorable performances in this week’s episode.  There was some standard tall model as a guest judge, but I see no need to mention her name, since she was clearly was a poor choice to guest judge.  She added nothing complimentary or beneficial to the show or the “petite” models.

On the bright side though, I feel like my predictions regarding the winner are looking pretty good.  If viewers are lucky, the winner will be a  petite model (5’5″ or under), but 5’7″ Nicole is the most formidable contender and the odds are in her favor.  She is a real dark horse in the competition.  Nicole may have minimal personality and look very average, even unattractive at first sight, but she has a look that advertiser’s will like.  Plus, she was the only model to get callbacks on the first round of “go-sees.”  Also remaining are 5’6″ Laura and  5’6″Rae, both consistent models.  The remaining “true petite” models are 5’5″ Brittany and 5’5″ Jennifer, both delivering consistently strong performances and photos.  The tiniest of the petites is 5’3″ Sundai, she needs to step up her game to stay in the competition.

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The “go-see” challenge, staged by Wilhelmina Models, was a good one.  It was a good demonstration of the practical side of life as a working model.  The importance of your appearance, first impressions, timeliness, and making it to all of your scheduled casting calls and go-sees cannot be overemphasized.  Congratulations to Nicole for winning the challenge and booking two callbacks.

The “Petite Ninja Warrior” shoot was somewhat entertaining, if only to watch the models try and pose.  As usual, Brittany, Jennifer and Nicole came through, delivering the best poses, techniques, and photos!  Nicole was the photo shoot champion this week, and Kara (not surprisingly) was kicked off for not progressing quickly enough as a model through the ANTM process.  It looks as though the next girl to go could be the wonderfully petite Sundai. Keep in mind the producer’s stage the process of elimination and they can make anyone appear to performing poorly.  Unfortunately, it seems the show is setting Sundai up for a great fall being that she is the most petite at 5’3″.  As always, we will be back with more commentary following next week’s America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13 here at

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