America’s Next Top Model Misleads Petites


By Ann Lauren

It’s intriguing to me ANTM cycle 13 winner will be awarded a contract with Wilhemina Models.  Last time I checked (today) they don’t even have a “petite model division” at the agency.  In fact, they don’t accept submissions from women who are under 5’8″!   Here’s a direct excerpt from the website:

“What types of models do you represent?”  Answer:   “At Wilhelmina we represent different types of professional models, in almost every age, size and ethnicity. We limit ourselves to a specific amount of models in each category.  The height requirement for female models is 5’8” and above. WE DO NOT HAVE A PETITE MODELS DIVISION. “

Wilhelmina Models logo

You can easily check for yourself at

It is interesting that Tyra Banks represents to her hopeful petite models that Wilhelmina works with models of “all heights.”  This is a clear misrepresentation.  I’m guessing that the contract the ANTM “shortie model” winner will receive from Wilhelmina isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

It is clear to me that Tyra preselected a winner (as she does every season) and this year it is 5’7″ Nicole, because she is the only model who almost fits Wilhelmina’s criteria.  By the time the show ends Nicole will likely have grown to be 5’8″ tall.  This show is all about ratings and getting petite women to watch. Don’t get your hopes up the winner will not be a “real petite” and that I personally guarantee.

As usual reality TV is not based in reality.  This show is clearly a self-promotional vehicle for Tyra, and the interests of petite models do not appear to be a real motivation for the show’s producers. Do not be mislead and believe you can submit your composite cards or snapshots to Wilhelmina anytime soon.

…but rest assured, will continue to provide information you can rely on!


3 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Misleads Petites”

  1. I have submitted to both ANTM and Whilemina Models, as I had a friend who’s rep’d there. Unfortunately her kind intent was no pull in the relm of Whilemina and their reps. My single reply was harsh and rude. “We don’t represent your kind.” I am not non-human so what in the world is “my kind”?! It seemed rude and dirogitory. I am human. I am real. I am petite.

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