America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13 “shorty” Edition

antm-cycle-13-group-shotANTM CYCLE 13 SERIES PREMIERE

Tyra Banks and the America’s Next Top Model producers clearly know they aren’t the “first ever” petite model show.  I wonder if they appreciated our efforts for producing the largest petite women’s organization with over 100,000 women competing in the USA Petite Model events nationwide.  In addition to launching the first and only petite fashion, entertainment and lifestyle magazine in the world.  However, I am sure they found our information helpful for the show’s buildout!

ANTM Cycle 13 Series Premiere Review

Tyra Banks takes the cake!  Last nights series premiere of America’s Next Top Model show was truly insulting to the plight of petite models.  Obviously, Tyra’s only looking for ratings at the expense of petite models.

I have watched this series for a while.  Never on any of her shows has she featured the models in such a negative manner.

For starters, her crew managed to find emaciated girls.   Petites are known for being bombshells (e.g. Carmen Electra, Megan Fox, Rachel Welch, Pamela Anderson, etc.).  The list is endless for hot looking petite women.  Even Kate Moss has a better figure than many of the ANTM finalist.

The entertainment industry is comprised of petite knockout beauties, but you’d never know it after watching America’s Next Top Model.

To add to the spectacle, Tyra actually prepared the petite models’ residence to resemble a “kiddie playhouse!”  What’s that all about?  Are we to assume that petite women look like children?  Nice, if you’re a pedophile!


To continue the obvious theme of petite women representing a childish image, the girls did a mock baby photo shoot.  How cute!

How utterly demeaning!  Was that a joke? Tyra spends two hours representing herself as the savior of petite models everywhere, only to subject the finalists to an insulting first shoot completely devoid of high fashion significance.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, and it was actually uncomfortable to watch the models dress up like prepubescent girls!

5’5″ petite model Lisa Ramos expelled

No surprise again when the ANTM panel of judges expelled 5’5″ Lisa from New York over the clearly inferior model (and not petite) 5’7″ Bianca!  It appears that Tyra will be favoring the taller of the group, which is consistent with the types of acceptable looks Tyra has promoted in the past.  Lisa was a bit too pretty in too much of a “sexy” sort of way according to Tyra.

5'5" Lisa Ramos

Courtney  Lisa  Sundai
Courtney Lisa Sundai

FACT: The average female height in the U.S. is 5’3″.

At this point there are only six real petite models at 5’5″ and under, Lisa is the first petite to go!

Based on initial reactions to the first episode, I am going with 5’4″ Courtney and 5’3″ Sundai as the top two!  And, naturally, they are both true petites!

Tyra Banks missed the mark

All in all, nice try Tyra Banks.  In all of Tyra’s  infinite wisdom she absolutely missed the mark when selecting the models and the shows content.  The petite female viewer’s are likely alienated by implying that we look like children and the male audience isn’t interested in watching prepubescent girls!

Congratulations in making petite models look inferior to lanky amazon models.  I’d imagine that was Tyra’s plan all along to uphold the fashion industry status quo, “tall is better…”

To sum up my initial reactions, ANTM’s cycle 13 is bringing much needed recognition to the petite market, but rest assured has been and will be here to promote the cause of petite women in fashion long after Tyra has moved on.

However, I will cross my fingers and hope ANTM  improves the way they are promoting this cycles “shorty” models.

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13:  Complete series cover link.


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  1. Wow…I never saw this season but I wish I had. I truly hope what you’re suggesting about Tyra Banks is not true. Petite’s and tall women have something to bring to the fashion world. And for the industry not to recognize that is monotonous.

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