America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13 “Dance With Me”

antm 9 finalistANTM Cycle 13 Episode 6: JABBAWOCKEEZ & Guest Judge Petite Supermodel Josie Maran

By Ann Lauren: This week’s ANTM “Dance With Me” show, with the JABBAWOCKEEZ and judges Benny Ninja and Lil Mama, was uninspiring. Thank goodness for my DVR, ’cause there’s no way I could have endured the show in its entirety. After last week, I hoped things were looking up, but I was let down. Unfortunately, the nine remaining models lack the personality and charm to keep me engaged, and these are traits models must possess for call backs!

Josie Maran Guest Judge

Josin Maran Self cover

ANTM is still failing at its attempts to feature true petite model guest judges. The 5’6″ Josie Maran (born May 8, 1978) has had a great run as a model, and Josie’s covers include Vogue, Maxim, Self, Fitness, and Lucky, as well as various other print advertisements. Nevertheless, I do not think television is Josie’s forte, as she proved on this appearance, reminding us why models should be seen, not heard. Her advice to the models was dull at best, but mostly just unoriginal. If you’re going to join the panel of judges please have something to contribute (that goes for the regular judges too)!

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The segment with the JABBAWOCKEEZ and judges Benny Ninja and Lil Mama, was lame and uncomfortable, which is not surprising since the models were given no instruction and consigned to failure. The performance by the Jabba Wockeez lacked entertainment value, and the attitude of Lil’ Mama towards the models was deplorable. The snidely looks on Lil Mama’s face really set a poor tone.


The photo shoot segment was shot in Las Vegas at the Treasure Island Hotel inside the Cirque du Soleil Showroom, where the models were divided into groups of three for the shoot. Again, the ANTM crew’s direction was poor. The models we expected the best from seemed to have lost “it” this week. Jennifer and Nicole both completely forgot how to be models and Ashley, who never seemed to have “it” in the first place, was off target throughout the shoot. Sundai held on strong though, and good for her! The winning trio for this episode’s photo shoot was: Brittany, Rae, and Jennifer. I was not surprised to see Ashley go. Although she is a beautiful girl, it was a reminder that it takes more than just looks to be a good model.[nggallery id=9]

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