America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13 CAST REVEALED

ANTMSeason Premiere September 9 on the CW Network

By Ann Lauren

ANTM breaks the mold for cycle 13 by offering women “below the industry height standard” (5’7″ and under) the chance to become America’s Next Top Model.

Tyra Banks has chosen the fourteen finalist to compete for the America’s Next Top Model Title!  According to Fashion industry standards majority of the “shortie model” hopefuls are not petite.  The producers of ANTM are off the mark when it comes to meeting the standards of a true petite model.  They selected fourteen finalist and only two of the girls are actually true petites; Courtney at 5’4″ and Sundai 5’3″ and the other four finalist are at the tall end of petite at 5’5″.  The remaining nine finalist are over 5’5″ tall, and they are not considered petite or tall in the modeling and fashion world.

In fact, clothing designer’s consider petite to be 5’4″ and under.  The average female height is 5’3″ and 60% of the US population is 5’4″ and under.

Cortney 5'4" Jennifer 5'5 Lisa 5'5"Cortney 5’4″   Jennifer 5’5    Ashley 5’6″   Lisa 5’5″

Statistically, 70% of all women are 5’5″ and under in the US and only 3% of women are 5’9″ and over, the other 27% of women over are somewhere in between in no mans land.  It’s unbelievable the industry standard isn’t PETITE!

America’s Next Top Model Petite Model Finalist Profiles:

ANTM sundai1) SUNDAI

The former foster child doesn’t profess to be “scholastic” but she’s clearly bright and articulate. We just wish she didn’t consider America’s Next Top Model “more important than living.”

Age: 18 Occupation: Student Height: 5’3″ Hometown:Bakersfield, Ca

ANTM courtney2) COURTNEY:

The competitive cheerleading champ makes her first appearance in crutches after breaking her foot (for the fourth time) during a tumbling routine. If the judges make this girl walk the runway in freakishly high novelty heels, they’re even crueler than we thought.

Age: 22 Occupation:Cheerleader Height: 5’4″ Hometown:Plantation, Ca


She seems like a nice girl, if a little subdued, but no one can fill Lisa’s crazy shoes. Except maybe Tyra Banks herself.

Age: 19 Occupation: Student Height: 5’5″ Hometown: Queens, N.Y.

ANTM rachel4) RACHEL:

Her mom calls her “Bambi eyes” and the judges seem to love the teen’s “odd,” “quirky” and “interesting” look. Based on wide-eyed Allison’s success last cycle, Rachel will see her way through many elimination rounds.

Age: 18 Occupation: Consumers  Height: 5’5″ Hometown:Woodland, Ca

ANTM jennifer5) JENNIFER:

If “the only Asian girl” in Le Cycle 13 was already working as a model, could this season’s emphasis on offering a chance to shorter hopefuls be some kind of…gimmick?

Age: 23 Occupation: Model Height: 5’5″ Hometown:Philadelphia

ANTM brittany6) BRITTANY:

For some reason, we’re supposed to be impressed that the self-professed “book nerd” is a math major at a Santa-something University. But for some reason, we’re not.

Age: 21 Occupation: Student Height: 5’5″ Hometown:Livermore, Ca would like to congratulate the above petite models for making the cut.  The remaining ANTM finalist are not petite models, so we will not be covering their progress.

The winner of ANTM will be managed by Wilhelmina Models, receive a $100,000 contract with cosmetics giant CoverGirl and appear on the cover and in a six-page fashion spread of Seventeen magazine.

The competition kicks off with a two-hour premiere on Wednesday, September 9 (8:00-10:00 p.m. ET), with encore performances on Fridays (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET).

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