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Airbnb a pandemic of filth is a leading cause for pandemics of scams, disease, and predators. The above picture shows dead roaches and rat droppings. This is so gross we weren’t sure it is safe for us to post the pictures, smh.

Airbnb’s fake profiles that are tantamount to little more than a false reality. This is a bad reality rife with health and safety risks and non-existent consumer protections. A person anonymously reported their experience and supplied photos to Bella Petite.

Top 10 problems with using Airbnb for a consumer:

  1. There are no consumer protections. A listing of lawsuits, scams, and horror stories.
  2. There are no health and safety protections.
  3. There is not any insurance for your personal in the event they are stolen at a homeowner’s place.
  4. Airbnb’s terms and conditions do not protect consumers. By far one of the worst providers on the web.
  5. There is not anyone available to enforce your security at a homeowner’s residence.
  6. You are literally placing yourself at risk to contract disease or harm to your person.
  7. Airbnb does not inspect any of the premises’ profiles posted, so they are rife with scams and fake profiles.
  8. Airbnb does not verify their profiles listed. Often Airbnb listings are a scam, regardless of what they claim.
  9. Airbnb does not refund your money during a pandemic. Their policies favor their ‘Host Homeowners,’ not you.
  10. Airbnb does protect your health and safety, such as a hotel is required to be in business.

These ten photos best describe why there is never a suitable reason to use for any accommodations.

This is a public service announcement for consumers to beware of Airbnb host listings. Proceed with caution you may book a place with the following problems which may have grave consequences such as; bed bugs, filthy linens, dirty bathrooms, rats, dust mites, roaches, insecure premises, cameras, sexual offenders, and more. As you can see by the above photos it is not worth the little money you may save by using the scummy Airbnb website of predatory and scammer homeowners. The homeowners do not have commercial cleaning standards, beds and linens like hotels and motels are required by law.

The individual booked this accommodation for thirty (30) days and paid in advance in full. They flew in from the east coast, and arrived around 9 pm on a Friday. Airbnb did nothing to set up new accommodations and did not assist in any manner whatsoever to protect this individual’s safety. Nor did they help them vacate. Also, they refused to refund for this fake profile and the homeowner’s substandard filthy home.

ann lauren dolls

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