Oscars 85th Academy Awards Red Carpet Petite Celebrities Top 10 List

Oscars Red Carpet 2013 Bella Petite Celebrities

Petite Stars walked the red carpet for the 85th Academy Awards! The fashion scene exploded this weekend with a selection of gorgeous gowns remniscent of old Hollywood glamour at the Oscars. Many celebrity petites exemplified classic elegant styles. Not many risks were taken and many may have played it too safe. Here is our top 10 best and worst dressed petite celebrities. What do you think and tell us who are your favorites?

Kristen Chenoweth Oscars Bella Petite1. Kristen Chenoweth  (4’11”)  sparkled as she walked down the red carpet in a shimmered ball gown by Tony Ward.

Kristen joined host Seth Macfarlane for the closing number and looked stunning as always!

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Best or Worst Dressed Petite Celebrity?

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