A True Conspiracy Is The Government And Media Lies

a true conspiracy is the government and media lies
Ann Lauren
Ann Lauren® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©

Time to stop being punked by US Government Conspiracy theories that are outright ‘MYTHS,’ beginning with the U.S.A. entering WWII to ‘save Jews from being massacred’ and defeat the Nazis; As well as the JFK assassination conspiracies as told by USA Government propaganda campaigns. CIA declassified evidence does not support those “Conspiracy Theories,” which ironically for once that’s a “true” conspiracy by definition as stereo-typically espoused by the CIA.

To give you context as to how systemically corrupt the USA Gov is, for starters, let’s reverse engineer our programmed thoughts about the assassination of JFK and the USA GOV CIA conspiracy theory, propaganda for 57 years which repeatedly recited “Oswald killed Kennedy.” A 2013 Documentary revealed some reasons Kennedy is betrayed by USA’s dark forces within.

In December 2020, declassified files proved the US Gov CIA Nazis under power by Bush senior and the MOB assassinated JFK. Watch the documentary “The Grassy Knoll” to learn the “truth about JFK’s assassination,” released December 2020 by James Files about the CIA and MOB reveal in hidden GOV files on Amazon.

Ann Lauren ®JFK Assassination By CIA

Shockingly, the revelations of truth about JFK assassination lies told to us aren’t complete in the GOV-CIA reveal after 57 years and counting, there’s more! Former President Trump is advised to hold the release of the remaining USA GOV CIA files about the JFK assassination until October 2021, OMG the implications are astounding, as to what we “Don’t know?”

More tales from decrypted files of the ‘Crown Jewels’ most insidious lies told by the USA GOV, while Nazi CIA documents accurately chronicle six million Jews slaughtered; concurrently, the USA Government and its military knew it to be happening, idly sitting by doing absolutely nothing to stop it!

US Government Nazi CIA Declassified Files Ann Lauren Dolls
Ann Lauren ®

Until Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, forcing the USA to join the fight and emerge as heroes. Really? Indeed, this not an “accurate depiction;” WWII is and never may be described as a “humanitarian mission to save Jews’ by any stretch of the imagination.

Whatever you do, stop drinking the kool-aid because everything you were taught about WWII by our Government is “UNTRUE.” Hold onto your sanity and get ready to find out what you haven’t been told about the “worst things the US Government and CIA did to support the Nazi’s, Fourth Reich.”

US Government Nazi CIA Declassified Files Bella Petite Ann Lauren Dolls
Ann Lauren ®

Standard, widespread “US GOVERNMENT CIA Conspiracy Theory” purports that the CIA acts as a “check” on our government’s balance of power, elected by Americans. Really? No, we won’t be fooled into TWO more grand conspiracy theories, which a historical recount of reality’s depiction should serve to be a wake-up call for the most narrow minds.

The US Government Nazis CIA’s immaculate deception of “the truth” and their abilities to spread “truthful” information is far from the USA GOV-CIA’s agenda, as declassified intel repeatedly reveals to us. Interestingly, the U.S. Government’s self-serving CIA only releases the ‘truth about everything’ when we sue them under the “Freedom of Information Act,”

US Government Nazi CIA Declassified Files Bella Petite Ann Lauren Dolls
Ann Lauren ®

Comedically once, “we the people” taking nosedives trouncings through all the Government bureaucratic nonsense 50+ years in the making; there’s no wonder as to all the “truth reveals” happening while we are distracted with a Pandemic, lol! SMH

Which is how the documentary Nazis in the CIA  by director Dirk Pohlmann is created with exceptional insight and intelligence information.

us government cia and truthfulness is a conspiracy theory Bella Petite Ann Lauren Doll
Ann Lauren ®

The facts are the GOV with their CIA obfuscate “truth” using greenwashing and brainwashing mind-controlling neuro weapons on us;

Don’t you feel betrayed by the USA GOV-CIA DARPA deliberately lying to us about MK Ultra for the 80 years using propaganda media by stating over and over “MK Ultra is a conspiracy theory?”

Today it’s a perfected technology relabeled into fancier titles as “EMTs’ Electro-Magnetic Technology Frequency’s, Neuro Weapons and Energy Weapons.”

A def must do is to cross-reference the facts. Start now by reading US code Section 1520 PDF, and once your tears of terror have subsided, do share your thoughts with us. SMH

Talk about ‘subversion’ one would have to be an Elitist Jedi master class of aliens to track what IS happening!

Providing you survived DARPA’s US CIA geoengineered chemtrails pollination triggered by electromagnetic energy that’s destroyed, Mother Gaia.

In case you are pondering whether the preceding superlatives is based on a “Black Mirrors episode,” you may rest assured it is a truthful depiction! And may we suggest if you haven’t become a watcher of Netflix’s dark modernized Twilight Zone of reality “Black Mirrors,” perhaps you do to expand your consciousness of what ‘IS’ in play before you take a “Nosedive.”

BellaPetite stands by our encouragement for you to find out the truth (and don’t blindly accept your fav media network PsyOps narratives programmed into your mind that represents only Elite liars’ false reality of Democracy). Break the programming now as understand how and why we are being played and preyed on.

Perhaps you too will get it’s not so strange as to ‘how and why” Americans careless about the truth and are addicted to Government Nazi CIA lies.

If you believe still believe the CIA engages in ‘truth-telling,’ we suggest you read “On Duty for the CIA: German Nazis and Italian Fascists.

Upon reviewing the documentaries and pdfs, I hope you understand and appreciate that no longer may we walk in an illusory state of “ignorance is bliss,” we can’t afford to. The Wayback machine’s chemtrail of docs and pdfs prove the “USA GOVERNMENT-CIA, AND ‘TRUTHFULNESS’ IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY,” that intentionally placed humanity on its brink of obsoletion.

Wake up, people, to experience the last moments of conscious free will! What will you do in those rapidly fleeting vestigial moments?

Written by: Ann Lauren

Ann Lauren
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Ann Lauren
Ann Lauren ® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright ©


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