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Petite modeling inspiration and petite model tips about getting into the petite modeling industry. Written by Bella Petite fitness and nutrition expert Jeanene Cannon of Physique Complete.  Here’s Jeanene’s story on what inspired her .

It all started when I was about 10 years old and I was on the beach sitting on a huge rock with my sweatshirt wrapped around my waist smiling for my Daddy’s camera. I remember how I felt most of all. I felt special that my dad wanted to take my picture, I felt beautiful with the wind in my hair, and at that moment – I remember thinking – I want to be a model. Well, fast forward about 25 years later…modeling had not been a serious thought growing up as I did not grow to be tall & model thin, and I had focused my energy on getting my BA & Masters Degree, and later starting my family.

Then I found myself watching ANTM and beginning to really appreciate the pure art, creativity and skill that goes into taking a fierce picture. For two years I watched those shows and used my mirror as a camera lense and my hallway as a catwalk. I always had this feeling that one day I would get to put all this practice to good use. Then one day – I met a photographer who was hoping to use me as a referral for business and he offered me a free photo shoot. Well, I hired a stylist and decided that this was my chance to live my dream of doing a high fashion type shoot.

To my amazement, I was far more photogenic than I thought and actually took some of the best photos I had ever taken. I did more photo shoots with him and other local photographers and one day I came across this show, She’s Got the Look. I couldn’t believe it! It was ANTM but for women over age 35 like me! And, the first episode I saw had a woman on there who resembled my features – and in that moment – I felt like I could see myself there I decided to apply for the show, even though I knew that my height was going to, at some point, be an issue. I was passionate about modeling and I felt confident that I could be good at it.

After all, my beautiful pictures had nothing to do with my height. So, long story short – I made it to the Top 20 out of thousands of model hopefuls from across the country and was actually shown briefly on the first preview episode. I didn’t make it nearly as far as I hoped, but I made it far enough to spark some hope that maybe there might be opportunities out there.

So, I approached my “dream” with a bit of realism and reached out to local modeling agencies for representation for commercial/print/lifestyle work. To my surprise there was an agency interested and they requested a meeting. I was nervous about the meeting, for fear that they would reject me due to my height.

However, within five minutes of being there, they signed me, and when I showed them a picture of my kids, they signed both of them as well.  Since then, my daughter was recently a covergirl for the 2011 Beatrix NY catalogue, and our entire family was photographed in an editorial spread for Redbook Magazine due to come out in the Feb or March issue of 2011. Although, the editorial was not a high fashion type spread, it was truly an honor just to be doing it – and to be doing it with my husband and two kids made it even that much more special.

I think when it comes to dreams – sometimes we may need to tweek the dreams a bit, like – I may not ever walk the runways in Milan or do high fashion editorials, but I can do lifestyle modeling on a local level. It gives me a level of accomplishment and a feeling of fulfillment knowing that I am still living my dream on some level. But – even then, life is funny – and there’s always that rare opportunity that may come – so my stance is to stay hopeful and be ready.  Maybe one day you will see me walk a catwalk or do a fashion editorial – you never know. Visualize your dream, start with small steps but dream big!

Written By: Jeanene Cannon


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  1. Was wondering if you could help me get in contact with someone from this modeling agency. I had someone write me in me E-mail stating that they would like to represent me and I can’t seem to get intouch with anyone, so maybe you can help or have someone contact me by phone# 813-779-5665 I hope this works, or past it on one of the managers. Thank you.

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