8 Easy Steps On How To Buy a Home

5. You Are Ready to Make an Offer

Purchase real estate with Ann Lauren
Offer to ‘purchase’ real estate. Ann Lauren Luxury Real Estate Specialist. Copyright © 2017

Now that you’ve found a home you love, the next step is determining a price you are willing to pay. Always keep in that a home is an investment.  As your agent, I can give you information on other properties in the neighborhood to help ensure that you make an informed decision when it comes to price, location and to explain and guide you through the offer process.

Several points to consider when deciding on the best price for a home purchase:

  1. List price – Start with the price point that the home is listed at. This will give you a base when looking at the home’s value.
  2. Market Analysis – Your agent will give you an idea of comparable home values in the neighborhood to help you decide if the price point is on par.
  3. Improvements – Your agent can give you a list of improvements made to the home and help you determine its market value.

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