5’2″ Miss Puerto Rico Petite, You’re Fired!

Petite beauty queen Gone WILD!: Keishla Villafane Rivera Pageant Fiasco…


5'2" Keishla Villafane
52 Keishla Villafane

I have been in pageants, as a model and a producer, and I thought I’d seen and heard it all! Usually the pageant producers are more fierce than the contestants. Apparently, not in San Juan Puerto Rico, where the reigning Miss Petite Puerto Rico 5’2″, Keishla Villafane Rivera, was fired! Reportedly, the petite beauty queen was accused of “intolerable conduct,” including verbally threatening and physically assaulting pageant staff. Sounds crazy and questionable… “Scary Petite Beauty Queen Attacks Pageant Staff!”


I love it… beauty contestants behaving badly, throwing temper tantrums, partying hard, drinking, stripping in the hotel bar, making death threats and assaults… all in a days work! Yeah, all the pretty girls are psycho, nothing new there!

In addition, the Miss Petite allegedly used “coarse language,” violated the terms of her contract by agreeing to use  her  image in an advertisement without consent of the pageant organizers, and


failed to make appearances and endorsements, according to the organizers’ statement. This is the usual stuff thrown in by pageant officials when they conspire to fire you! You know, like Carrie Prejean who was dismissed for her clearly politically correct and appropriate answer to a biased, inappropriate question from Perez Hilton. Eventually losing her crown, a casualty of her pageant officials (Shanna Moakler and Keith Lewis) political agenda, but that’s another story… and Prejean is not petite, so I’ll let it go!

Luis Santiago Productions, producers of the event, stated they were obligated to dismiss the 19 year old beauty queen for her outlandish conduct with pageant staff members. The pageant’s released statement provided no details of the purported misconduct.

Petite Puerto Rico Miss Universe
Petite Puerto Rico Miss Universe

However, petite beauty queen Villafane and her attorney, Marible Vidal, could not be reached for comment. Petite Pageant spokeswoman, Libni Garcia, declined in an interview with The Associated Press to disclose details about the accusations, saying more information would be released in a legal action the beauty pageant plans to file against Villafane. She did allege problems between the petite beauty queen and pageant officials began shortly after Villafane won the title last August. “We were trying to handle this conduct of hers, but it was impossible,” Garcia said, “It was constant.”

This leaves us to wonder, how it could take almost the entire year to fire her if her conduct was so “intolerable,” including verbal and physical assaults? Come on… if she’d physically assaulted anyone she would have been arrested. So, what’s the point? They could not handle her for the final couple months of her reign? What “broke the camel’s back?”

Replacement beauty queen already named.

Tamara Perez
Tamara Perez

The pageant producers appointed another contestant from last year’s pageant, Tamara Perez, to serve the remainder of Villafane’s term, which expires with the start of the next competition on August 26th. No reports have surfaced on the first runner-up taking the top spot. It is a good thing the officials managed to have all the contestants pose with crowns and take pictures prior to the competition! Too funny.

The Miss Petite Puerto Rico beauty pageant is open to 16- to 24-year-olds who are 5’5″ and under. The Puerto Rico Petite Beauty Pageant was founded after the USA Petite Model Pageant, so they are another “pretender” throne and “pretender” crown. By the way, my shows never had paraded girls around in sashes and crowns! We had style and class. Maybe some day I will write a tell-all book about the Beauty Pageant industry. It makes such good fodder!


Oh, and folks, Puerto Rico takes their Beauty Pageants very seriously. They actually sculpt and mold stepford-like pageant contestants. Dr. Rodriguez Terry is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and has been the plastic surgery “consultant” for the Miss Universe and Miss World Puerto Rico organizations.

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