Powerful petite celebrity icons take on the business of HIGH FASHION!

By Ann Lauren: Petite stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen became millionaire moguls by age 10! Their careers were launched as infants on the tv series, Full House.

Mini tot twins at a wii 7 years old, co-founded Dualstar to promote their images to tweens around the world—from DVDs to cosmetics to furniture. These enterprising young ladies at age 18, took over the company, estimated worth millions.

These ambitious young ladies prove dynamite comes in small packages! In 2006, their passion for fashion hit with the launch of a high-end clothing line The Row, followed by a contemporary line Elisabeth and James.

No stopping the petite duo, their latest venture is a coffee table book called Influence.  The twins decided to interview their Top Twenty personal idols. The book features interviews with famous fashion designers, artists and photographers, including Christian Louboutin, Lauren Hutton, Bob Colacello, Terry Richardson and Jack Pierson. Diane von Furstenberg purported to be especially inspiring for the twins. Mary-Kate describes the most nerve-racking interview was with fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.  She was nervous because it was the day before his fashion show, and they we’re going into the House of Chanel.

As we can see, nothing typical in a day in a life for Mary-Kate and Ashley. The petite twins afternoons, consist of meetings to discuss shoe designs for an Elizabeth and James runway show. After shoes, it’s on to jewelry with a meeting to approve their new spring line with designer Robert Lee Morris.

These young  business women understand when you’re starting companies, you really have to be there every day because you’re being held accountable.  The Olsen’s days consist of controlled chaos, schedules are booked three months ahead, no doubt they lead a highly structured lives.  As you might expect from this celeb duo they completely understand the work ethic required in being millionaire moguls!  Bella Petite Magazine will enjoy chronicling the careers of these vibrant business dynamos.  No stopping these petite power Icons! For your petite fashion and entertainment news Bella Petite!bpjoinusbutton


  1. Oh my god I love Marykate and Ashly’s clothes! I have been a fan for my whole life. They are so cool! I love this blog, please write more about them.

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