4 Words Every Woman Should Know For Unstoppable Confidence [fitness]

Four Words Every Woman Should Know for Unstoppable Confidence!

A tremendous amount of evidence indicates that people who are fit and healthy tend to be more successful, in their chosen fields. Why is this?

The answer lies in the correlation between fitness, health and self esteem. When we exercise, eat right and take care of our body temple, we are in effect loving ourselves at the most basic and fundamental level. We are telling ourselves, body and soul: I love life and and I want to live a long, happy and healthy one!

Being a lifestyle coach, I love to teach people mantras that are simple, easy to remember and that they can apply immediately. Here is a great one for boosting self esteem:

I Love My Body!

These 4 simple, yet profound words will change your life.

In a world where we are taught to delve into self loathing about our minor imperfections, it is essential to regain our power by learning to love and appreciate our body temple for all that she does for us. She provides a home for our soul. She runs, walks, swims, works, plays and makes love like no one else on earth. She cooks, eats and enjoys the fine and simple pleasures in life.

So what if her hair is too short, too long, too straight, too curly, too frizzy, too flat or too dark?

So what if her legs are too short, too fat, too hairy, too lumpy, too dark, too white or too tight?

And who cares if her breasts are too small, too large, too saggy or too perky?

These simple distinctions are what makes us human. It is only the media that has determined what is said to be the ‘perfect image of woman’ and that ideal changes with the seasons like platforms and stilletos. It is time to take your power back and reclaim your perfection as a woman.

Repeat this simple mantra 10 times in the morning, 10 times before bed and anytime you look in the mirror or at a magazine and get down on yourself for not looking like the perfect (and unrealistic) image you hold for yourself in your mind.

I Love My Body! I Love My Body! I Love My Body! I Love My Body! I Love My Body! I Love My Body! I Love My Body! I Love My Body! I Love My Body! I Love My Body!

When we love ourselves at this deep and powerful level, we radiate that self love (aka ‘self esteem’) and others pick up on that radiance immediately. They see it in the sparkle in your eyes, the lightness in your step and the joy in your smile. This is the type of person people want to be around, give the promotion to at work and hire for the next big job. This is the woman you are inside. If you feel you have gotten a bit separated from this confident radiant aspect of yourself, isn’t it time you take control and make some changes? You deserve only the best in life!

In my next article I will outline my top 5 self esteem boosting practices that will turn your life around and get you back on the confidence train speeding toward success in all your endeavors.

Until next time, make it an amazing day! Blessings and love all ways, Namaste!  Written by: Dashama of Perfect10Lifestyle

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