2016 Vibrant Color Trends Transform Your Wardrobe

Winter Fashion and color trends 2016

This 2016 Winter’s palette portrays four (4) easy ways for petite women to elongate their stature!  A Winter bouquet of fresh new colors will help brighten up your wardrobe.

Color  is an excellent tool for creating optical illusions: that flatter your frame. Vibrant colors enhance your personality!


Wearing the same color from head-to-toe automatically makes a petite woman look taller and has a slimming effect. Go for long lines of color with sporty separates and dresses in this season’s hottest color stories.

Choose from spicy shades of  green, purple, paprika, curry, and mustard; sorbet hues including raspberry, pink champagne, periwinkle, and pale yellow; or the tranquil blues and greens of the sky and sea. This season’s popular trends offer an all-white palette to lively dramatic colors that offers petite women wonderful, monochrome options that flatters all shapes and sizes.

Monochromatic Colors 2016


Achieve the same body lengthening effect as monochromatic dressing by wearing shades of the same family of color or colors of the same intensity. Pair black, gray, navy blue with pale blue, beige, and ivory.

Romantic looks in soft neutral shades of gray, ecru, tan, and ivory will create the illusion of height on a shorter frame.

Use color to maximize your assets and minimize your flaws.Green Color Trends 2016

Wear warm colors like this season’s hottest color green! Also, red, orange, and yellow will attract plenty attention.

Cool colors including green, blue, and violet visually minimize heavier areas.

10 thoughts on “2016 Vibrant Color Trends Transform Your Wardrobe”

  1. just Horrible! Why would you write an article about trying to look taller as a Petite Woman. I read an article written by an Asian woman on how to get more American eyes and I told her about herself and it wasn't nice. This is very negative and I hope you decide to post my comment unlike other comments that I've written. Why can't Petite women learn to love being small! I love being what I am, I am not writing articles telling black women how to appear more Caucasian or get straighter hair so they can be excepted in the Model Industry or the World for that matter. This is really not helping the Petite women get self esteem in a world where a lot think taller is better.

    1. Dressing according to your body type and proportions is key to looking your best. These simple techniques are meant to teach petite women how to dress for their frame. All women no matter what their height are looking to appear slimmer, accentuate their best assets and elongate their frame.

    2. Why are so so bitter if you love your height? These people are trying to help petite women like us to improve ourselves without making drastic changes. They're not suggesting surgery, or anything like that. They're giving us tips on how we can carry ourselves better. I think this is a great article.
      Other people are also writing tips for people with darker skin tones. They give them tips on how to enhance their beauty by wearing the right color of clothes. That simple.
      It doesn't matter if you are tall or small, white, black or whatever color your skin is. Whats important is you embrace and take good care of what God has given you.
      If you think you're happy with your height and don't need their advice, then don't follow it. They don't expect everyone to follow it. I'm sure they're are already happy with the fact that people read their article.

      I hope you find your true happiness malika.

    3. Personally, as a 4’11” woman, I’ll take any advice on how to appear taller or how to accentuate my pear shaped figure and not look frumpy. I have already (for a long time) made a point of wearing healed shoes because it makes me feel more confident about myself. In my teens and twenties, people used to call me short &£%* when I walked into pubs and this sometimes made me feel alienated. I also once had a fringe put back into my hair when I was in my early thirties too and it made me look about twelve!! I’ll never do that again!!

  2. It so funny how short girls seem to make themselves look smaller because they don't know what to do with their lack of height this article really explains how to make us look the best with what god gave us. Nice work bellapetite. I finally have a place to go that understands my issues as a petite girl unlike the others!

  3. Do you thinks color blocking works on a petite body? I think the current mags are all about this, but it doesn't seem to look good on me…please help!

  4. This is helpful advice for me to know how to dress for my petite figure. I want to look slimmer and make the most of my height. Thank you!

  5. Nice. I wish I could book one day with you guys consulting me and hang out at the mall. Shopping for goods! Then problem settled. 🙂

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