Bvlgari Presents ‘Decades of Glamour’ Host Naomi Watts

Bvlgari presents Decades of Glamour with Naomi Watts
Bvlgari presents “Decades of Glamour” with celebrity host Naomi Watts an Oscar party in association with Bella Petite Magazine celebrity editor and guest host Ann Lauren. Lauren interviews; Naomi Watts, Kate Hudson, Tom Welling, and a bevy of Hollywood’s elite celebrities!

Four-time Oscar nominee Naomi Watts looked amazing last night wearing an Altuzarra gown with pink and red accents. Of course, she accessorized with Bvlgari’s black clutch and vintage gold, amethyst, emerald, and diamond choker, so she was head-to-toe dazzling with elegance! (Photographer credit: Rupert Thorpe)

Bvlgari’s ‘Decades of Glamour’ pre-Oscar party was held at Soho House in West Hollywood and was attended by Hollywood’s hottest stars!  This was an awesome prelude of things to come on Oscar’s Red Carpet.  We are anticipating an elegant, sexy, chic night to remember!

To commemorate last night’s Bvlgari affair, we began by arriving at the valet, stepping out of our Porsche and into a spectacle of lights, flashing brightly like diamonds.  On the red carpet, we bumped into some of our favorite celebrities posing for the paparazzi!

Here are a few of our favorite fashionable and beautiful women of the evening:

kate hudson bvlgari decades of glamour
Bvlgari presents “Decades of Glamour” Kate Hudson on Bella Petite Magazine.

Petite celebrity Kate Hudson (5’5″) went with a chic modern take on the formal dress code.  She was wearing a yellow silk blouse and white leather skirt combo by Emilio Pucci and (naturally) jewels by Bvlgari. Hudson swept her hair into an easy-breezy top knot, clean and fresh makeup.

emmy rossum bvlgari decades of glamour
Bvlgari presents “Decades of Glamour” Emmy Rossum on Bella Petite Magazine.

Glamazon “Shameless” star Emmy Rossum (5’8″) was a knockout and her figure looked dangerously curvaceous in a sexy sapphire wrap-style J. Mendel dress with a deep v-neckline.  She carried a Bvlgari clutch and styled her hair into shiny retro waves.

camille belle bvlgari decades of glamour
Bvlgari presents “Decades of Glamour” Camille Belle on Bella Petite Magazine.

Bella glamazon actress Camilla Belle (5’8″) was stunning! She wore an intricate Prabal Gurung dress with a draped shoulder and Miu Miu pumps. She amped up her look with fabulous makeup showing dewy skin, orange lips and bold brows creating the wow factor!

olivia munn bvlgari decades of glamour
Bvlgari presents “Decades of Glamour” Olivia Munn on Bella Petite Magazine.

Petite fashionista Olivia Munn (5’4″) “Newsroom” actress opted for an ultra-feminine cream-and-pink Bibhu Mohapatra dress with satin taupe Casadei pumps. The petite actress looked stylishly sleek.

The party did not end on the red carpet, though, and once inside it was time to party!

It was quite the pleasure spending the evening with Naomi Watts and celebrity friends; Kate Hudson, Camille Belle, Emmy Rossum, Ashley Greene, Olivia Munn and many of Hollywood’s most Bella celebs! The night was a gorgeous spectacle of sorts, all wrapped in the glamorous essence of Bvlgari.


Naomi Watts Kate Hudson Bvlgari
Bvlgari presents “Decades of Glamour” Naomi Watts and Kate Hudson on Bella Petite Magazine.
Naomi Watts Kate Hudson Bvlgari
Bvlgari presents “Decades of Glamour” Naomi Watts and Kate Hudson on Bella Petite Magazine.

Petite celebrity and fashionista Ashley Greene made several appearances in Bella Petite Magazine, so it was nice to take a moment to chat. The ‘Twilight’ actress looked great! She opted for all-black, wearing a slinky Dsquared black silk-mix fitted dress with ruffled back detailing from the Pre-Fall capsule collection, paired with Casadei black suede-and-mesh pumps, a black gold-trimmed Jimmy Choo ‘Cloud’ clutch and Bvlgari earrings.


Ashley Greene Ann Lauren Bvlgari Decades of Glamour
Bvlgari presents “Decades of Glamour” Ashley Greene and Ann Lauren on Bella Petite Magazine.

Former Supermodel and Bella Petite beauty and models expert Clarissa Burt teamed up with Bella Petite Magazine, along with Bvlgari and Naomi Watts to bring you access to Hollywood’s premier pre-Oscar party.

Special, guest host was Bella Petite’s Relationship expert, Author of “Dare To Stand” and Radio talk show Host of “Love-a-Licious and Love Bites For Lovers Only” Candace Chambers-Belida.

Oscar Party Soho House Candace Clarissa Ann
Bvlgari presents “Decades of Glamour” Candace Chambers-Belida, Clarissa Burt and Ann Lauren on Bella Petite Magazine.

And for the nightcap, just when we thought the evening had come to a crushing halt, a (former) superhero arrived on the scene to rescue the night from ending too fast!  Tom Welling, best known as Smallville’s Superman, was there to complete the night.

Since shedding the superhero genre and departing from “Smallville” Tom has continued to steadily work. Last year he starred in the movie “Parkland” that covered the Kennedy assassination and “Draft Day,” starring opposite Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner.

My prediction is that Tom Welling’s star power will continue to rise! Ladies, as you can see, this one just gets better with age. Expect to see more of Tom Welling on Bella Petite and for the next installment of “Celebrity Manzons,”  and we’ll have Welling on the all-new Ann Lauren Livecast show soon.

Keep up with Bella Petite for more super cool news of your favorite peeps in fashion, entertainment and lifestyle, so check back everyday for something new to talk about!

tom welling ann lauren
Bvlgari presents “Decades of Glamour” Oscar party in association with Bella Petite Magazine celebrity editor and guest host Ann Lauren. Lauren interview’s; Naomi Watts, Kate Hudson, Tom Welling and a bevvy of Hollywood’s elite celebrities!

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