How To Wear Fall Petite Fashion 2013 Trends

Fall Petite Fashion 2013-The Petite Shop

Petite Fashion Tips: How to Wear Fall 2013 Trends 

Fall, already? We’re not ready to say goodbye to Summer yet, either, but the good news is you still have some time left. We just wanted to share some of the upcoming Fall 2013 fashion trends and how to make them work for your petite frame, so you can be ahead of the fashion curve!

WHITEFall Petite Fashion Trends 2013-The Petite Shop

You may already be on top of the current fashion trends, actually – the white hot Spring/Summer color is continuing into Fall/Winter in the form of winter white. Doing it in a monochromatic style is a wonderful trend for the petite woman, because it elongates our petite frame.

You know those white petite skinny jeans you wore every day the past few months? We’re going to say you should go ahead and pair those with some off-white or cream pieces, and wear them right into Fall!


Pantone Fall Greens 2013Green is another color that we’ll continue to see, so if you invested in Emerald you can transition those pieces into the next season, after all, this particular shade is Pantone’s color choice for all of Fall/Winter 2013!

The other shades of green that have been foraged for Fall are the intense Linden Green and Deep Lichen Green, both of which would work as a rich neutral base for your Fall fashionable outfits from The Petite Shop your fashion friend!


While color is an aspect of fashion that transcends size, shape or height, embellished clothing for instance typically  dresses or pants can be tough if they are not specifically petite sizes. Why is this? Oftentimes that embellishment is in the form of zipper details, beading or lace.

If these embellishments extend to the end of the sleeves or hemline, there is a good chance you will not be able to shorten it and at the very least not without losing some of the beauty!

Finding dresses that are specifically petite sizes, like from The Petite Shop, will open the door for you to step out in seasonal style!


Metallic clothing items have been waiting all summer for their time to shine! Dressed up or dressed down, day or night, paired with neutrals or paired with colors, metallic clothing items are incredibly versatile, but a lot of people are still a bit hesitant about wearing them.

Try pairing just one item a top, or a bottom, such as these Gilded Petite Skinny Jeans, with classic black top.

Once you get comfortable with that, why not get a bit bolder and pair it with another of Pantone’s Fall 2013 color picks, such as Samba, to usher in Autumn?


There are some trends on the horizon that are tricky for petite women, but still doable if done right. While your taller friends are wearing the extra chunky scarves and turtlenecks that we’ll see as the weather changes, compromise with a scarf in a lighter weight material and less material overall.

To Chunky For a Petite Frame-Don't DoDon’t drown yourself  in chunky knits like in this otherwise fabulous outfit!  It just won’t work on you.

Turtlenecks will be trending as well, but opt instead for an elongating high neck that doesn’t fully encircle you – this Ruffled Petite Black Blazer is a great way to work this look without fully committing (and did you notice the exposed zipper embellishment? It’s a fall trend two-for-one!)

There you have it Fall 2013 fashion trends done with petite style tips! Do any of these make you excited for Summer to be over? Which one are you most looking forward to styling, or least looking forward to seeing? Tell us below in our comments section.


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  1. I am so happy to find your website. I am 5’2 and I have been struggling to find fashion sites for women like me, but now I am going to bookmark your site. Thanks for catering to us ladies !!

  2. Im very short lady but i want to dress well always.. Ill be glad if youll gonna give me some tips what to wear everytime to look taller.. Thank you! 🙂

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