Bella Petite Hour: Kick Ass Petites! [petite fitness [petite model]

This week’s Bella Petite Hour (with host Ann Lauren) will feature a great guest line up that is one of petite empowerment with world class petite athletes.  We will talk with conditioning coach Jennifer Oswald and one Read more

Daily Style: Petite Celebrity Hilary Swank [petite fashion]


The celebrities sparkled and shined as they pranced down the red carpet at the the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday, Jan. 30, 2011, in Los Angeles.  The actress that stoled the show was Read more

Daily Style: Petite Celebrity Diane Kruger [Petite Fashion]




It is no secret petite celebrity 5’3″ Diane Kruger is a regular attendee of fashion week from Paris to Milan. This week Kruger attended the Gala de la Read more

Daily Style: Petite Celebrity Reese Witherspoon [petite fashion]


Petite celebrity and Global Ambassador 5’1″ Reese Witherspoon celebrated Avon’s 125th anniversary this week and helped kick off Avon’s new “Women’s Empowerment” campaign and their $1 million dollar commitment to help end violence against women.

Petite Read more

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Daily Style: Petite Celebrity Nicole Ritchie [petite fashion]

Petite celebrity 5’1″ Nicole Ritchie was spotted in Los Angeles yesterday joining her friends at Izaka-Ya Sushi.

Yes, it is still Winter and this dress is a must-have in your closest.  Enjoying the California sunshine she was seen Read more

Height Discrimination? Waitresses Fired for Being Too Short [Petite Models]

“Lawsuit Claims Nightclub Fired Waitresses for Being Too Short”… This headline is unfortunately very real, as reported by Ti-Hua Chang of Fox5 News New York.    According to Mr. Chang’s report, two women have filed suit Read more

Media Industry Negative Stereotypes About Height [Petite Fashion]

This is the exact headline I cringe to see in the press “Tiny Porn Star-Fashion Industry Hates Little People.” This is no joke!

This is the exact consistent negative media stereo-type of petites we are tired of reading.   Read more

Fashion One Network The Future of Fashion and Entertainment! [petite celebrities][petite fashion] [petite modeling]

Fashion, entertainment and lifestyle has never looked so good! I had the pleasure of interviewing Eric Klein the CEO and co-founder of the Fashion One Network on the Bella Petite Hour.  Klein oversees operations and business development of Read more

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The Change Up: Starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman [petite modeling] [petite models]

I must admit I was excited when I booked a gig with Universal Pictures to shoot some promotional posters for one of their upcoming movies called “The Change Up” to be released  in August 2011.

The gig got Read more

You’re So Money and You Don’t Know It! [business] [lifestyle]

This week on the Bella Petite Hour (with host Ann Lauren) will be co-host Maria Gamb author of best selling book “Healing The Corporate World”.  We will be bringing talking about business, your career and how to hone Read more

Splitsville For Petite Celebrity Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds [petite celebrities]

It’s official, curvaceous petite celebrity 5’3″ Scarlett Johansson and her hard-body husband Ryan Reynolds have separated, with plans to divorce.  The couple has been living apart for quite a while now, so this is apparently an amicable separation. Read more

Golden Globes Best & Worst Dressed Petite Celebrities [petite fashion]

The Golden Globes 2011 Best and Worst Dressed Petite Celebrities

From  curvy petite celebrity 5’3″ Jennifer Lopez to tall and thin 5’6″ Angelina Jolie and pretty petite celebrity 5’2″ Amy Adams it is always a daunting task to Read more

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Petite Celebrity Reese Witherspoon Engaged! [petite celeb]

A couple months ago the press almost had it right, all except for the timing!  It is now official, petite celebrity 5’1″ Reese Witherspoon and her agent  Jim Toth at Creative Artists Agency are engaged.  Last Read more

One Model Place Petite Models & Fashion: Bella Petite Hour [petite modeling]

Welcome to the first New Year’s week “Industry Special” on the Bella Petite Hour (with host Ann Lauren).   We have a wonderful show lined up with two excellent guest to ring in 2011!

Top industry professionals will be Read more