12th Annual Latin Grammy’s Shakira and Powerhouse Dionne!

Vivacious petite (5’1″) powerhouse Dionne has been lighting up the stage on Shakira’s World Tour for the last couple of years, and this week (11-10) Dionne was in Las Vegas to perform LIVE at the 12th annual Latin Grammy’s with Shakira!

Dionne is currently a featured dancer on various world tours featuring platinum acts such as Usher, The Dream, TLC and Kevin Lyttle!  Her recent live appearances include America’s Got Talent, the American Music Awards and the Latin Music Awards!

Dionne is also featured in a half dozen MTV music videos currently playing, including those of Shakira, Usher, Snoop Dogg, Ludicris and Sean Paul!

During her recent interview on the Bella Petite Hour, Dionne confessed that the pressure of the entertainment industry has her fudging a bit on her true height (she graciously admits to being 5’2-ish”).  It’s no secret that the majority of stars and models feel compelled to lie by 2-4 inches and, in some rare instances, as much as six!  Of course, it is no surprise that the industry is full of illusions and misconceptions, perhaps perpetuated by photoshop and the media influence creating unreal mannequin images?

Dionne is an authentic, naturally beautiful and inspiring petite woman!   She confided with us that petite popstar Shakira also embraces her petiteness and relishes her 4’11” stature.  At Bella Petite we applaud Shakira’s confidence and celebrate petites who take pride in their height (as we all should!). Dionne even noted that Shakira and her dance crew do many of their stage performances in bare feet, so there is no question about each performers’ height.

In our interview, Dionne tells Bella Petite that when it comes to Usher and women, he is all about high heels and looking sexy!  She shared with us that Usher is not a very tall guy, but she did say Usher is a sexy dancer and is one of her favorite stars to perform with.


Bella Petite Hour

Tune in for Dionne’s hip, lively and entertaining interview with Ann Lauren on the Bella Petite Hour.  You will get an inside look into the day and life of a professional dancer and choreographer that tours the globe with many of the hottest entertainers on the music scene!

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