10 Ways To Ignite Your Sex Life

Sundai Love Bella Petite cover 2014Ladies ever wonder what happened to that fire when you both met. Is your life all work and no play? There is still hope in rekindling that fire. Just snuggle-up, hold each other tight as we take some steps to refuel the flames once more.

1. Pretend it’s your first date, and plan a night out

Well ladies, think about how you want to impress your partner. A quick look in the closet for that sexy black dress, don’t forget to dig out those sexy sling back heels. Let your significant other know that they should think of it as your first date and act accordingly. It is fun when you are both on the same page treating that night like the first date!

2. Make a coupon book offering 2-4 sexy services

Give your partner a coupon book offering your loving services, such as a hot oil rub down, or you can offer to bathe your partner. In Japan bathing is considered a ritual, as well as stimulating and relaxing. Be creative!

3. Invite your significant other to a special candlelight dinner

Have a beautiful place setting with flowers, soft romantic music in the background and his favorite fine wine. Make sure you cooked his favorite meal, since we all know that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Yum!

10 Ways to Ignite Your Sex Life

4. Wear sexy heels in the evening as you strut around the house with the vacuum cleaner

The heels will accentuate your curves, you won’t wear them for long, as he sweeps you off your feet and into the bedroom. Hint: keep the heels on while in bed, he will find you irresistible. If your man loves stockings and garter belts, make sure to look at the several styles. Ooh La La!

5. Talk Dirty

And I don’t mean curse words, but real downright bedroom talk. Make sure to tell your partner your favorite sexual moves and how much you like it when he………

6. Undress your mate

It is very playful when you slowly remove every article of clothing on your partner. This will arouse both parties and the rest is left to the wild imagination! (Mirrors are optional).

7. Blindfold your partner

Yes, blindfold him, surprise his taste buds with different textures. Remember, sensory deprivation, will heighten other senses. Most importantly, feed him a grape, a cherry, or squirt some whip cream in his mouth. Watch the YouTube clip from the movie 9 1⁄2 weeks, the food scene, featuring Kim Basinger and Mickey Rouke, this will give you some visuals. “Actually, very erotic, yes?”

8. Dance-a-little strip tease, no touching

Teach each other some sexy moves, while surprising him with a tease, remove only one article of clothing, and do not allow any touching. Finish it off by strutting together on the dance floor, in case you both stumble to the floor, make sure there is safety equipment by your feet, such as, a comfy rug and some big pillows.

9. Pretend you are on vacation

Take a short trip to the shore, or the mountains, rent a cottage, hotel or a bed and breakfast. Spend the night and make it a time to talk, taking a break from reality. Use any of the steps above and create your fantasy.

kiss goodnight

10. Kiss each other Goodnight

The most important one of all, don’t ever go to bed angry. Make sure to kiss each other Goodnight and say those three words “I LOVE YOU.” No exceptions!

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