10 DO’S AND DON’TS: SPRING PETITE FASHION [petite clothing] [petite fashion tips]


PETITE DO’S: The “GETS”of the Season!

1. The Little White Dress “LWD”

Need we say more “LWD” and the “LBD” are a mainstay in your closet. These are year round looks and you can’t go wrong with this “GET.”

2. Asymetrical Dresses and Blouses

This cut is a petite woman’s “best cut” especially styled to create a clean line of sight elongating your petite frame and accentuating your best assets!

3. Shoes sandals and platforms

Plenty of stylish cork, leather and platforms for your to choose. There are so many you can’t just pick one, so we suggest a dozen will do!

4. Cool Spring fashion prints and patterns

Every petite certainly can wear prints especially when you apply the “Fist Rule” anything larger than your fist than it does not fit. Have fun with this Spring trend! As you can see Emma Roberts made all the right moves here.
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5. The number one item to GET! Laser cut dresses

This is our favorite trend for Spring! Every petite woman should have several laser cut dresses in her wardrobe you simply can’t go wrong with this dress! Red Carpet Fever at eDressMe.com Gowns inspired by your favorite Hollywood celebrities! From Natalie Portman, Brittany Snow, Vanessa Hudgens, to Reese Witherspoon essentially every celebrity you can think of!

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PETITE DON’TS This is where the TRENDS go BAD!

1. Harem pants

It seems like every year they drag this awful pant out of the fashion shed and all we can say is that this trend never looks good on anybody!

2. Bootie and many gladiator styles

No better way to cut off your height and make you look shorter than to wear boot shoes and gladiators. They are over powering for a petite frame.

3. Ruffles, bows, large hats and chunky jewelry

Unless you are the Queen of England we suggest that for obvious reasons to take a complete pass on this trend!

4. No large obnoxious prints for petites.

Use the“Fist Rule” anything larger than your fist than it does not fit! Over large prints will make you look like a circus clown and you don’t want that.

5. High waisted skirts, pants and shorts

Unless these items are scaled correctly this is another trend you should just take a pass. This is a great style for long waists and long legs.
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6 thoughts on “10 DO’S AND DON’TS: SPRING PETITE FASHION [petite clothing] [petite fashion tips]”

  1. Great advice but somewhat confused. In one of your last posts you recommended high-waisted pants and skirts……?

    1. Hi Stacia: In this post it is a don’t do. “Unless, these items are scaled correctly this is another trend you should just take a pass. This is a great style for long waists and long legs.” Again, scaling needs to be perfect to work for a petite frame, which is not to often.

  2. I’m 4’11, 103 pounds and have a pair of black high waisted pants that are flared at the bottom. I always get complements when I wear them but the trick is to wear a top/shirt that is the same color or has the least contrast with the pants so as to project a more taller frame as the two different colors would slice your frame into two and make you look shorter.

    Also dress them up w/a heel. The shoes don’t have to be high, I wear mine sometime w/2″ heels and sometimes w/4″ heels and they look great either way. Goodluck!

  3. I’m 5ft and 105lbs and i was wondering about what style trench coat and blazer would look best on me? I wanted to wear the blazer with a summer dress so I was going for white. I was also wondering about an everyday blazer as well.

    1. Hi Emily, a stylish trench coat for you this season is Michael Kors double breasted, button-up front, above the knee length trench. All petite women should have a classic single breasted blazer, many designers have them in their line see Ralph Lauren, Gap and Banana Republic to name a few.

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