• Style Questions & Answers For Everyday Petite Women

    Style Questions & Answers For Everyday Petite Women Recently two of the most favorite petite women and colleagues I know dared to ask me questions on styling, which I found to be great questions as they are...

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  • FALL PETITE FASHION STYLE! [petite women] [petite clothing]

    FALL FASHION TRANSITION Although it’s still warm in some parts of the country I am considering the parts that are starting to see the fall of the leaves as the weather slowly lowers itself into a comfortable...

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  • Petite Fashion Style and Shape Tips!

    Imitate Your Petite: By Bella Petite Personal Stylist Tamy Lugo of Vstylist! In my fashion & styling experience, I’ve learned a trick or two. A fun way for petite women such as myself to be able to...

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    4 TIPS FOR PETITE WOMEN TO BE STYLE SHARP: By Bella Petite fashion writer & stylist Tamy Lugo The more we see what celebrities are wearing in magazine fashion spreads, print advertisements, and commercials, the more petite...

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  • Petite Women Can Pull It Off [petite fashion] [petite clothing]

    Bella Petite proudly presents our latest contributing writer on fashion Tamy Lugo a personal wardrobe consultant and fashion stylist! PETITE WOMEN CAN PULL IT OFF Some of the latest Spring and Summer trends could seem un-doable for...

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