• Petite Model Prospective: Jeanene Cannon [petite modeling]

    A BELLA PETITE MODEL PROSPECTIVE JEANENE CANNON Petite modeling inspiration and petite model tips about getting into the petite modeling industry. Written by Bella Petite fitness and nutrition expert Jeanene Cannon of Physique Complete.  Here’s Jeanene’s story...

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  • The New LOOK of Entertainment [petite model] [petite celeb]

    The next Bella Petite Hour with (host Ann Lauren) will take a voyeuristic journey into the ordinary lives of people with special guest producer and writer Adam Rifkin of the popular new Showtime series “LOOK”. Our second featured guest...

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  • She’s Got the Height [petite models]

    She’s Got the…“height” So I found myself in my mid-30’ s addicted to reality TV modeling shows & I developed a love & passion for the art of modeling. Every mirror was a camera & every hallway was a...

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  • Sincerely, Nia…Embracing The Authentically Imperfect Me [petite celebrity][Nia Peeples]

    “As a kid I wanted to be a writer. As a teen I wanted to be a performer. Now I just wanna be happy.” And happy she is. My next guest writer, Jessica, is a wonderful kindergarten...

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