• Grilled Chicken Tomato Salad

      SUPERMODEL FOODS HEALTHY RECIPES AND LIVING TIPS Get ready for another fabulous feast of epic proportions! Our goal is to share with you the most glamorous food suited for every-body. This is a salad that even...

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  • Crab and Cheddar Bisque Soup “SuperModelFood”

    This fabulous recipe is brought to you by Bella Petite Cover Girl Laura Mason. We know you are going to love this sumptuous dish.  There is nothing better than a great soup and salad pairing! Crab and Cheddar...

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  • Margarita Grilled Shrimp Recipe

    Bella Petite is proud to have the celebrity chef to the stars Andre Carthen contributing his favorite recipes and just in time for Summer grilling! When it comes to supermodel food, you can count on Chef Andre...

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  • Supermodel Food ‘Fish Tacos’

    Bella Petite’s  ‘Supermodel Food’ advice is the world’s most glamorous food suited for every-body! We are  bringing you some of our favorite foodie secrets and recipes to help you live a happy harmonious lifestyle with your food and...

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  • How To Eat Healthy ‘Supermodel Food’ Recipes

    ANN LAUREN’S  ‘SUPERMODEL FOOD’ Just in time for the July 4th holiday! Get ready for a feast of epic proportions! Here you go the world’s most glamorous food suited for every-body. As you may know the most...

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  • Janet Jackson’s Personal Chef Andre Carthen Shares His Summer Fruit Salad Recipe

    California Citrus and Strawberry Salad Celebrity Chef Andre – featured in Janet Jackson’s NY Times #1 Best Seller Book “True You” 3 medium Oranges 3 medium Grapefruits 1 cup sliced strawberries 1 tbsp. Honey 2 tbsp. Raspberry...

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