• Bathing Suit Chronicles: Power of Petites, And the Reduction of Fabric!

    “BATHING SUITS” – WHERE THEY’VE BEEN, WHERE THEY WENT, AND WHERE THEY ARE TODAY!  A Petite’s Chronicle thru the Centuries PART-3 Power of Petites, And the Reduction of Fabric! As the 1920’s rolled around and the emancipation movement...

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  • WHAT DEFINES A PETITE WOMAN? Height, Weight or both?

    PETITE REFERS TO STATURE, NOT WEIGHT. According to the fashion industry Petite is defined as 5′5″ inches tall and under. In the United States petite women represent 70% of the female population. There are approximately a hundred...

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    Petite Fashion and Modeling Myths Myth 1 You have to be tall to be beautiful and a model. Reality:   Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. When designer Marc Jacob’s was asked about Kate Moss’s height,...

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