• ‘Modern Chic’ Fashion Editorial

    Modern Chic editorial featuring Bella Petite Magazine cover girls winners in fashion for petite women. Fine fashions designed to fit a petite woman's figure and height. Find clothing that is made to fit on your frame...

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  • Shortest Runway Models [Petite Models] Twiggy, Kate Moss, Devon Aoki

    Few petite models have made an impact on the runways. The first actual petite model to do that was the British 60’s iconic supermodel 5’4″ Twiggy. Twiggy was not a petite celebrity, she was in fact, the...

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  • Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Models EXCLUSIVE

    REVISITING TYRA BANKS’ AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODELS “SHORTY” EDITION. As you might expect from your favorite magazine reporting on petite fashion, the appropriate title for the show would have been  “Petite Model Edition.”  Rest assured, we went...

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  • Models of Diversity In The News

      Models of Diversity announces strategic partnership with Global Disability Inclusion, LLC Unique partnership will assist companies achieve greater diversity by utilizing models with disabilities. PRESS RELEASE : SAINT AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA (April 30, 2014), Recognizing the need to increase the diversity...

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  • Bella Petite Magazine Editorials Feature Petite Fashion Models

    Bella Petite Magazine is all about engaging talented petite women and bringing you expert advice on issues important to you, with petite fashion and petite models featured in our editorials. We are sincerely passionate about our mission and...

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  • A Model of Diversity: Angel Sinclair

    The fashion world can be perceived as a cutthroat monopoly that favors, advocates, promotes, and sears into the brains of “the rest of us” the ideology that the skinny, tall, white girl is what is universally beautiful....

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