• Fashion’s Falling Boundaries Editorial

    Bella Petite Magazine’s fashion initiative advocates for the use of petite models and for a greater selection of fashion designers creating clothing for petite women. This editorial offers valuable insights by petite model Jennifer Bolinger as to...

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  • Petite Modeling Advice: What is Trade, TFP and a Test Shot

    What is TFP and what is a Test shot? When a model collaborates with a photographer and neither are paid, that is known as trade or time for print (TFP) or test shot. Both the photographer and...

    • Posted 5 years ago
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  • How to Create a Modeling Portfolio: Tips For Petite Models

    When you decide to embark on a career in modeling you should take steps to properly prepare yourself. Before attempting to reach out to any photographer, you must know what you’re doing in order to protect yourself...

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  • Treatment For Alcoholism and Substance Abuse

    Editor’s Message: Bella Petite is proud to bring you healthy living solutions with Marchette Richardson a Bella Petite Cover Girl.  Marchette has joined our team as a contributing expert with health and wellness solutions that you can rely...

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  • ‘How to Find Work’ Professional Petite Modeling

    This is part two or our petite modeling series. Bella Petite Magazine is here for petite models and we are passionate about creating an industry with opportunity for you! As Bella Petite Magazine flourishes you will become...

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  • Petite Model Prospective: Jeanene Cannon [petite modeling]

    A BELLA PETITE MODEL PROSPECTIVE JEANENE CANNON Petite modeling inspiration and petite model tips about getting into the petite modeling industry. Written by Bella Petite fitness and nutrition expert Jeanene Cannon of Physique Complete.  Here’s Jeanene’s story...

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