• Fashion Tips For Petite Women To Look Fabulous

    The more we see what celebrities are wearing in magazine fashion spreads, print advertisements, and commercials, the more petite women get confused

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  • Having It All College and Career

    Gurl, You Can Have it All The common stereotype perpetuated upon models has been that they have their professions because of how they look, and not for their brains. That idea is not only harmful because it...

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  • Bella Petite Magazine’s ‘The Models Issue’

    Press Release:  The premiere issue of Bella Petite Magazine’s “The Models Issue” made its debut! This brand new publication exclusively features petite models, and highlights winners of Bella Petite’s annual model search.  Bella Petite’s goal is to...

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  • ‘Beauty For You’ Expert Advice

    This is a welcome introduction of “Beauty For You” by a renowned beauty expert ! We are delivering to you another expert contributor and former petite model discovery of USA Petites founded by Ann Lauren (BPM-Editor).  Dr. Paulette...

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  • Ann Lauren a Petite Model Created Bella Petite Magazine

    Ann Lauren is a petite model, business woman and celebrity personality who founded the multimedia digital publication Bella Petite Magazine.  She has produced over 300 live events nationwide for petite models. In addition, she has developed and...

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  • The Petite Model

    Petite Models What is petite? Unlike plus-size or size zero, the word petite used to describe a woman is complimentary suggesting that the person is smaller and well proportioned. So does size matter? It certainly does to some, but surely...

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