• A World Exclusive Featuring ‘After Romeo’

    A Bella Petite Magazine world exclusive release featuring the hot new LA Boy Band After Romeo and their new single "Pull Over."  

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  • Summer Music Festival Trends Fit for Petite Women

    Summer Music Festival Trends Fit for Petite Women Whether it’s the beat of the sun, or the thumping vibration of bass, music festivals make the ideal setting for Summer fashion! A petite woman in a subdued ensemble is...

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  • 5’3″Madonna The inventor of REINVENTION! ADOPTION CRAZE!

    PETITE POWERHOUSE POP ICON ROCKS MUSIC WORLD By Ann Lauren: Yes, it’s true: Madonna is 5’3″ tall.  She’s the petite, female powerhouse that rocked the music world.  Her slammin’ hot petite body and outrageous persona is accredited...

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  • Petite Profiles: 5’2″ Janet Jackson

    “I went through a lot, from age 15 to about 19 years. I was very young. I used to hurt so badly that I’d ask God, ‘Why, what have I done to deserve this?'”  With her brother Michael’s...

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  • Pop Star Lady Gaga

      HOT PETITE FEMALE POP STAR LADY GAGA DOMINATES By Ann Lauren: Here it is, I promised another eye popping reality check story on how petites dominate the WORLD!  No doubt petite women rule entertainment and rock...

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