• Top 10 List of (un)Funny Comments Told To Petite Women

    Top ten list of comments told to us, or overheard by petite women that we may not appreciate! Here's some fodder meant to entertain you. It's always good to laugh at ourselves, it's downright healthy!

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  • Channing Tatum, the ‘Magic’ Man

    Channing Tatum Prefer’s His Women Petite Celebrity-manzons love their petite women and Channing Tatum (6’2″; age 34) in no exception.  We’ve loved him in so many major film roles in recent years, including our favorite at Bella...

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  • Mila Kunis ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’ LA Premiere

    From That ’70s Show’s bubbly and retro Jackie to Black Swan’s ballerina chic Lily and the Most Sexiest woman alive, Mila Kunis (5’2″) has not only had a completely body transformation, but she’s become one of the...

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  • Best Dressed Petite Celebrities Mila Kunis & Kate Hudson

    Editor’s Pick: Daily style with petite celebrities Mila Kunis and Kate Hudson! Bella Petite Magazine on petite celebrity style watch! Who’s got the look?! Red carpet petite celebrities Mila Kunis and Kate Hudson and they looked fabulous! Join us to...

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  • Petite Celebrities On Magazine Covers: Lea Michele, Mila Kunis, JLO

    Petite celebrity 5’1″ Lea Michele graces the January issue of Marie Claire. The 26-year-old actress looked stunning for the risque shoot. She was wearing designer items such as Eres hotpants and a Marchesa jacket for the Yu...

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  • Best Dressed Petite Celebrities of 2012: The Yearend Look

    Bella Petite has selected for you to see some of our top picks for best dressed petite celebs for 2o12! You can also find more of our favorite petite celebrity fashion stars in our “Daily Style” section.

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