• Top 25 List of The Most Influential Famous Petite Models

    The world is full of models and IG-celebrities. The technology revolution makes me wonder if there is still iconic supermodels reminiscent of; Christie Brinkley, Iman, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, to Gisele Buncheon who quite possibly may be...

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  • Shortest Runway Models [Petite Models] Twiggy, Kate Moss, Devon Aoki

    Few petite models have made an impact on the runways. The first actual petite model to do that was the British 60’s iconic supermodel 5’4″ Twiggy. Twiggy was not a petite celebrity, she was in fact, the...

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    WRITTEN BY: New Bella Petite contributor Fariha Alhassen Fashion represents changing seasons.  We see trends and styles come and go like night and day.  A majority of us women, if not all, are entranced by the styles...

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  • Commercial Print Agencies, Height and Petite Modeling

    THE TRUTH ABOUT: COMMERCIAL PRINT AGENCIES ON HEIGHT AND PETITE MODELS Can I get Commercial print as a petite model?  (Petite Modeling) The current “status quo” practiced by the fashion and beauty industry, leaves the petite model 5’5″...

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    Petite Fashion and Modeling Myths Myth 1 You have to be tall to be beautiful and a model. Reality:   Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. When designer Marc Jacob’s was asked about Kate Moss’s height,...

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  • America’s Next Top Model “Make Me Tall”

    America’s Next Top Model Episode 3 “Make me Tall” By: Ann Lauren I have a feeling the Wilhelmina Agency is hoping ANTM can magically make the petite models tall.   This week was ANTM’s biggest improvement, mostly...

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