• How to Make Your Waist Look Smaller

    You may be a tall (over 5'8"), petite, plus-size, or a middle height woman (5'6" to 5'8") and we all want to know the tricks of the trade to making our waistline appear to look smaller in clothing. 

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  • Five Good Reasons To Own The Little Black Dress

    Tthe “little black dress” is one of the best fashion investments you can make.  Every petite woman looks great in it. Here are five good reasons to own the little black dress (LBD). Coco Chanel introduced this...

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  • Beautiful Brows, to pluck, or not to pluck

    Beautiful Brows, to pluck or not to pluck? That is the question! The eyebrow is either beautifully shaped or hairy furry mess. We spend time worrying about wrinkles, the slight notice of a tiny gray hair, but...

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  • Professional Modeling Advice

    How To Become a Petite Model  4. Regional Work: out what local work is available in your area. Submit to your local city magazine, as well as lifestyle, fitness and health related magazines for their editorial campaigns to earn tearsheets. Also, submit to...

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