• Model On-The-Go Foods

      Model On-The-Go Foods Modeling is a full-time job. Many years ago, in the era of super models, models were paid much more for music videos, covers, and height requirements were stricter. Now, the entire modeling industry...

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  • Supermodel Food ‘Fish Tacos’

    Bella Petite’s  ‘Supermodel Food’ advice is the world’s most glamorous food suited for every-body! We are  bringing you some of our favorite foodie secrets and recipes to help you live a happy harmonious lifestyle with your food and...

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  • How To Be Fit While Pregnant

    BEAUTIFULLY PREGNANT RAFFAELA Raffaela Jeurissen-Oratmangoen (age 31) is the perfect example to show that it is completely fine to train at the gym, even while pregnant. She is proud to show that a pregnancy is not an...

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