• Top 5 Exercises to Improve Your Sex Life

    Top 5 Exercises to Improve Your Sex Life Yes, we’re gonna go there! Bella Petite is here offering you a variety of ways to improve your lifestyle, and that includes your sex life. Empowerment is key to...

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  • Tips For Reaching Your 2016 Fitness Goals

    It’s 2016!  A new year, a new beginning, another chance.  I’m a petite model, former NPC figure competitor and now a fitness expert for Bella Petite. I am originally from New York, a place where we have...

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    The Body Weight Workout You don’t have a home gym and you don’t feel like forking over a monthly fee to the gym down the road where the meat heads stare and grunt…No problem. All you need...

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  • Celebrity Yoga Expert Dashama ‘Paddleboard Yoga’

     ANN LAUREN LIVECAST “What’s SUP With You” Bella Petite Magazine’s resident yoga expert, Dashama, from Perfect10Lifestyle.com joins Ann to discuss her latest adventures in Bali and her passion for paddleboard yoga. Dashama travels the world with her yoga excursion and teaching certification...

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  • Global 30 Day Yoga Challenge September Launch

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE #SpreadYoga: Global 30 Day Yoga Challenge to Launches This September It’s September, and you know what that means? Time for National Yoga Month, a national observance and awareness campaign every September, and the official launch of...

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