• Supermodel Food Iced Teas That Jumpstart Your Metabolism

    Ann Lauren's secrets to jumpstart your metabolism. Several recipes to help you live a happy, harmonious lifestyle with your food and body. Our advice is meant to help you lose weight and, or maintain that perfect figure...

    • Posted 2 weeks ago
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  • Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate! ‘Water Your Body’

    I want to talk with you about the importance of drinking enough water for your body to glow healthy beautifully. Bella Petite's SuperModelFoods column is all about food being the model for you to live beautifully!  Why...

    • Posted 12 months ago
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  • Weight Loss Advice Turn ON Your Metabolism Part III

    Your “High BMR” To Do List: Breakfast – Always eat breakfast within the first hour of waking up to get your body out of “Starvation Mode”, which it enters into during 4-5 hours of sleep. Rolled Oats/Oatmeal...

    • Posted 7 years ago
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