• Petite Celebrity Powerhouse Natalie Portman in Christian Dior

    Editor’s Pick: Petite Celebrity Natalie Portman Petite Fashion Style Bella Petite Magazine on petite celebrity  daily style watch. She’s got the look!  The incredibly gorgeous Natalie Portman always looks fashionably petite! You can dress like the stars,...

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  • Olivia Palermo vs. Salma Hayek Petite Celebrity Fashion Style

    Editor’s Pick: Petite Celebrities Olivia Palermo and Salma Hayek Petite Fashion Style Daily Shopper!  BELLA PETITE MAGAZINE: Daily Shopper Petite Fashion For Petite and Plus Size Petite Women  Bella Petite Magazine on petite celebrity style watch. Who’s got...

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  • Nothing NEW! Fashion Week Amazon Models Rule The Runway [petite models]

    All that can be said for Paris Fashion Week (at the Christian Dior fashion show) held this week for the Spring 2011 collection is: nothing new!  Pretty boring, in fact. The fashion world is fresh out of...

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