• Don’t Let Life Discourage You

    Talking with a special (Gurl) friend (Ann Lauren) the other day over a great cup of cappuccino. It was fantastic how we mused over the past events in our life. We both found that we had some...

    • Posted 5 days ago
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  • Dating Advice The Rules

    What do you do if you find yourself meeting someone that ignites a firestorm of emotion inside of you simply at first glance? Do you immediately remember the five day rule, or do you kick it to the curb...

    • Posted 3 years ago
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  • How Do You Know Your Man Loves You

    How Can a Woman Really Tell when a Man is in Love with Her? One of the most amazing mysteries to women is knowing when a man is authentically in love with her. Most women study all...

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  • Should a Woman Out-Give In The Relationship

    Relationship Expert “The Loveista”- Candace Chambers-Belida  Some people believe that if you out-love, out-give, out-nourish your personal relationship that you will get back all that you gave and much more. Unfortunately this is not the case. No...

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  • The Love Chase When Does A Man Stop Chasing After A Woman

    The Love Chase-When Does A Man Stop Chasing After A Woman? As we all know, men are hunters by nature. Men are the ones that lead the romance dance, but what do you do when you find...

    • Posted 6 years ago
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  • Finding Your Soul Mate is The Crown Jewel of The Relationship

    The most wonderful thing about falling in love, is finding your soul mate is the “Crown Jewel of the Relationship.” When searching for your soul mate, what you find is the other you. It’s the other half...

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