• Revealing ‘Ideal’ Beauty Standards

    A recent study determines what the "ideal" female body and beauty expectations are and shows how they are different around the world.

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  • Beauty Trends Fall 2018 Milan Fashion Week Shows

    Trailing off the runways for New York and London comes Milan Fashion Week with a plethora of styles showing runway hair and makeup moments that are going to set the tone for Fall 2018's beauty trends.

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  • Beauty In a Flash

    How to create a natural clean fresh look is airbrush water-based foundation just a few drops and you achieve flawless perfection in under 3 minutes!  

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  • Top 10 List of Summer Beauty Tips and Tricks You Want to Know

    Summer beauty with ease. I always say, "living beautifully is a state of mind." But like anything in life, we must take thoughtful care when it comes to both our well being and beautiful countenance. As...

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  • Top 10 List of Summer Beauty Trends

    Here are the hottest make-up trends for the Summer! Varying shades from light blue hues to peachy pinks. We have paired the best colors  to enhance your tanned skin.  Save your skin by using sunless tanners and SPF15...

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  • Top 3 List Anti Aging Beauty Advice “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall”

    Petite celebrities Kate Hudson’s (5’4″) magic mirror this Mother’s Day is her mother, Goldie Hawn (5’4″). One of today’s “It Girls” can see into a possible future for herself by taking stock of one of the “It...

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