• Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Models EXCLUSIVE

    REVISITING TYRA BANKS’ AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODELS “SHORTY” EDITION. As you might expect from your favorite magazine reporting on petite fashion, the appropriate title for the show would have been  “Petite Model Edition.”  Rest assured, we went...

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  • NEW! MTV SHOW “MADE” Coach Sundai Love [ANTM]

    Bella Petite Exclusive interview Over the last two years, since her appearance on America’s Next Top Model (ANTM), Sundai Love has continued to pursue her career as a petite model and actress.  Sundai was Bella Petite’s first...

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  • Petite Model Prospective: Jeanene Cannon [petite modeling]

    A BELLA PETITE MODEL PROSPECTIVE JEANENE CANNON Petite modeling inspiration and petite model tips about getting into the petite modeling industry. Written by Bella Petite fitness and nutrition expert Jeanene Cannon of Physique Complete.  Here’s Jeanene’s story...

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  • No “Italian Vogue” for PETITE Models [petite fashion] [petite models]

    No “Italian Vogue” for PETITES Another season of “hype,” …I mean “height” hits the airwaves as America’s Next Top Model launches Cycle 15. September 8th’s premiere proved to be another demonstration of how “petite” models just do...

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  • A Petite LIE! ANTM Run Amuck [petite models]

    Tyra Banks talks about her new season – Here is what she had to say (and what really chaps my ARSE!!): Tyra: “Top Model was one of the first times we saw plus-size models treated equally; now...

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  • Hot Petite Celebrities in Sports illustrated Swimsuit Editions!

    Pretty Petites Popping up in the Swimsuit Edition Although Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues have not had any petite models on their covers, I must give them some credit due to the fact that they have allowed petites...

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