• Celebrity Style Watch Anna Kendrick & Reese Witherspoon

    Editor’s Pick: Celebrities Anna Kendrick and Reese Witherspoon on petite celebrity style watch! Bella Petite Magazine on celebrity style watch! Who’s got the look? Fashionable looks starring petite celebrities Anna Kendrick and Reese Witherspoon! Tell us which look is your favorite? Get your...

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  • Anna Kendrick & Nikki Reed Red Carpet Fashion

    Editor’s Pick: Petite Celebrities Anna Kendrick and Nikki Reed petite fashion style watch! Bella Petite Magazine on petite celebrity style watch! Who’s got the look? Amazing red carpet looks starring petite celebrities, Anna Kendrick and Nikki Reed, which is...

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  • Petite Celebrity Fashion Style Anna Kendrick & Ashley Greene

    Editor’s Pick: Petite Celebrities Ashley Greene and Anna Kendrick Petite Fashion Style  Bella Petite Magazine on petite celebrity fashion style watch! Who’s got the look?! Featuring stylishly petite celebrities Anna Kendrick and Ashley Greene. The days of Summer...

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  • Daily Style: Petite Celebrity Anna Kendrick [petite fashion] [petite model]

    PETITE CELEBRITY ANNA KENDRICK AND PETITE FASHION STYLE! Fashionable hip young petite actress 5’1″ Anna Kendrick (age 25) was seen on the red carpet for the Rag & Bone Intermix cocktail party.  She was with designer David...

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