Southern California Family Law Attorney Thurman W. Arnold III CFLS, AAML Joins Bella Petite Experts

By on September 25, 2016

thurman-w.-arnold-esqBella Petite is excited to welcome Palm Springs family law expert, Thurman W. Arnold III CFLS, AAML to our team of vanguard experts covering fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, business, to real estate, and (now) legal experts to provide cutting edge information for women getting into, or out of, relationship.

Thurman is the author of The Enlightened Divorce Blog © 2016, one of the premiere legal blawgs in the country. He offers hundreds of informative articles about every aspect of California family and divorce law – topics that sound depressing but nonetheless are ones that our readers need to be able to access, particularly when entering the realm of relationship-endia. A fifth generation attorney, Thurman’s advice is also aimed at protecting families, and in particular children, from the devastating and sometimes avoidable conflict that arises from the hurt and fear (on both sides of the gender aisle), when people uncouple. Grounded in Buddhist philosophy, he encourages us to avoid reactivity and offers pointers on how this may be achieved. Thurman also gives inside tips on how to win divorce warfare when you must hunker down and fight for your rights, or to protect those who are in your care.

We invite our readers who need expert legal feedback on subjects involving premarital agreements (prenups), marriage dissolution or annulment, spousal and child support, attorney fees paid by the other party, and property division, to present their situations to Thurman for analysis. He has agreed to post solutions and strategies that we think you will find valuable on a dedicated Bella Petite page beginning November 2016. Anonymity will be rigorously honored, and he will obscure the facts so that the dialogue will not come back to bite you!

Thurman’s email address is – if you do contact him, please give him what information is essential for understanding your issues; a relatively short series of questions is much more likely to get a response than a tome of woe. Please specify in the email subject line that you are a Bella Petite subscriber (Thurman is only available to those who are on our list)!

Written by Ann Lauren


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